Means of transport Sample Clauses

Means of transport. If a means of transport needs to be used for overland travel and deployment outside the permanent place of work, the enterprise shall determine the choice of such means of transport and pay for the ticket. Employees shall be reimbursed for a second class railway ticket for journeys up to 100 km, and for a first-class railway ticket for uninterrupted journeys of more than 100 km or overnight journeys ordered by the employer. An overnight journey shall mean a journey where at least 3 (three) hours of travel are between 10 pm and 6 am. Reimbursement of the use of sleeper cars, ship travel, use of airplanes and luxury trains shall require special prior approval by the enterprise management. Only ticket costs actually incurred shall be reimbursed.
Means of transport any means of transport by road, sea, inland waters, air or rail, which is adapted for the carriage of goods, including a container and a trailer.
Means of transport. All vessels and vehicles, including sea-going vessels, inland vessels, wagons, lorries and delivery vans in the broadest sense;
Means of transport. Where an Employee is required to travel to a place of work away from their usual workplace, SA Water shall provide a suitable vehicle or other travel arrangements.
Means of transport. 5.1 The obligation of the Seller to identify the Goods shall be considered fulfilled by completing in the transport and delivery documents accompanying the Goods.
Means of transport. The means of transport the Assessor/Technical Expert shall uses in his/her work activities and the journey in question, shall be established in accordance with the urgency, practicalities and economy, giving preference to public transport as reported by the hereafter general indications.
Means of transport i. You mentioned earlier that you used …(transport mode, likely walking) to bridge this part of your journey, do you ever experience problems with this?
Means of transport a) With regard to the choice of a means of transport the employee shall be bound by the employer's instructions.
Means of transport. In case of a difference between the real state of the battery, resp. tanks, with condition specified in the mobile application, the Lessee is entitled to the Means of Transport before the start of the journey return. In such a case, the Landlord will not charge the Lessee any fees or rent.
Means of transport. 10.1 Goods accepted by the Courier for carriage may be carried by such means of transport and by such route as the Courier thinks fit and these conditions shall apply to whatever means or routes by which the goods are carried.