Small Business Sample Clauses

Small Business. This chapter shall not be applied to any contractor that meets all of the following:
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Small Business. The MWBE/LDB/VBE participation has been reviewed by the Office of Small Business Development (OSBD). The findings and recommendation are attached. None.
Small Business. (a) Small Business Status. Maker together with its "affiliates" (as that term is defined in Section 121.103 of Title 13 of Code of Federal Regulations (the "FEDERAL REGULATIONS")) is a "small business concern" within the meaning of the Small Business Investment Act of 1958, as amended (the "SMALL BUSINESS ACT" or "SBIA"), and the regulations promulgated thereunder, including Section 121.301(c) of Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations.
Small Business. Is your business registered in WEBS (Washington Electronic Business Solution) as a Small Business? 🞎 Yes 🞎 No If not registered in WEBS, are you a Small Business, per RCW 39.26.010(22a) (see below? 🞎 Yes 🞎 No *go to WEBS ( to register or email for assistance Small Business means an in-state business, including a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, that:
Small Business. Contractor represents and warrants, as previously certified in Contractor’s Bidder Certification, that Contractor qualifies as a Washington Small Business pursuant to RCW 39.26.010.
Small Business. The Government will evaluate the acceptability of each offerors’ (Large and Small Businesses) Small Business Participation Commitment Document (SBPCD) as provided on Attachment L-2 to identify proposed small business in the performance of the contract. This strategy is separate from, but consistent with, the offeror’s Subcontracting Plan submitted in Section L, Part B, 3.2 if required.
Small Business. If Seller is a “small business” as defined by the Table of Small Business Size Standards established by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Seller acknowledges that Seller has current and accurate representations and certifications for size and socioeconomic status via the XXX website accessed through xxxxx:// or by returning AGILENT'S Small Business Status Renewal Form, and that representations and certifications will be updated as needed, but at a minimum, at least annually.
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Small Business. The MWBE/LDB/VBE participation has been reviewed by the Office of Small Business Development (OSBD). The findings and recommendation are attached. None. FISCAL IMPACT The fiscal impact is $31,536.00. Funding is from previously-approved Operation and Maintenance Funds.
Small Business. The Aviation Authority has reviewed the proposal from HNTB Corporation, and determined that HNTB Corporation does not propose any small business participation for this amendment to Addendum No. 45. This proposed amendment is for HNTB Corporation personnel only without subcontract opportunity and results in 0% Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) participation because all DBE subconsultant participation was included in the previous Amendment No. 1 to Addendum No. 45 for Construction Phase Services. The resulting total small business participation on Addendum No. 45 is 13.27% DBE participation, 13.98% Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation, and 1.4% Local Developing Business (LDB) participation. By including this new amendment into the overall Terminal C Architect of Record Agreement with HNTB Corporation, the majority of which does not include federal DBE requirements, the DBE participation will be 0.8% (no goal was established), 26.6% MWBE participation (established goal is 20%), and 4.5% LDB participation (established goal is 5%), and certifies that HNTB Corporation is in good standing as it relates to its small business participation. ALTERNATIVES None.
Small Business. This contract includes a Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation requirement. The participation goal for this contract is 18% for MWBE. The Small Business Development Department certifies that the contract is in good standing as it relates to MWBE participation. NEW BUSINESS AGENDA ITEM – C – None.
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