Access Channels Sample Clauses

Access Channels. The Grantee shall continue to dedicate two (2) Channels for public, education, and government access (“PEG Access”) programming. The two (2) PEG Access Channels must be cablecast on the Basic Cable Service tier. All Subscribers who receive Cable Services offered on the System must receive the PEG Access Channels at no additional charge. Only to the extent required by Minn. Stat. §238.084, Subd. 1. (z) and permitted by applicable law, the VHF spectrum must be used for the provision of at least one (1) of the PEG Access Channels. Nothing herein shall diminish the City’s rights to secure additional channels pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 238.084, Subd. 1(z), and applicable FCC regulations.
Access Channels. (A) Grantee intends to continue to provide community messages on one (1) of its existing video programming channels. Grantee shall allow the Town to place its community messages on that shared channel, and to utilize that channel to broadcast Government Access programming. Should Grantee decide to discontinue the shared channel for community messages, Grantee will provide the Town with sixty (60) days advance written notice of the channel discontinuance.
Access Channels. Grantee shall provide the following number of dedicated access channels: two (2) channels for government access (one for the City of Clearwater and one for Pinellas County) and one (1) additional digital channel upon the City’s request to be used by the City for local government access, once Grantor provides programming generally on a digital basis; one (1) channel for local origination; one (1) channel for public access; and two (2) channels for educational access (one for the Pinellas County School District and one for the St. Petersburg Junior College). Such channels shall be used exclusively for purposes of public, educational and governmental access programming on a non-commercial, not-for-profit basis. Grantee shall carry and transmit on its lowest basic service level, on the access channels of its Cable System, the same public, educational and governmental programming carried and transmitted on the access channels of the incumbent cable operator in the City, Time Warner EntertainmentAdvance/Xxxxxxxx Partnership (“Time Warner”) or its successors or transferees, so long as the signal for such programming is of high quality and is made available to Grantee at no fee. Grantee shall interconnect the public, educational and governmental access channels of its Cable System with the public, educational and governmental access channels of all other local cable systems in order that the programming on such channels can be universally available to all cable subscribers within the City. Grantee shall be responsible for any costs and expenses necessary to interconnect its Cable System to a mutually convenient and agreed upon point of presence supplied by the other cable operators in the City. Grantor agrees to mediate any disputes between Grantee and other franchised cable operators related to the location of the interconnection point. If such parties, in the opinion of the City are unable to agree on such interconnection point, such point will be determined by the City in the exercise of its absolute discretion. Grantee also agrees to negotiate in good faith an agreement with Time Warner, and its successors, assignees or transferees, by which Grantee and Time Warner, and its successors, assignees or transferees, shall carry all access channels on their systems in the City utilizing the same channel numbers.
Access Channels. Pursuant to Section 1-12-6.H.5 of the Ordinances of the City of Xxxxxxxx, the City and Grantee agree that the initial number of local access stations required to be provided by Grantee shall be two. The need for further access channels shall be determined pursuant to Section 1-12-6.H.2 of the Ordinances of the City of Xxxxxxxx. Local access channels shall be on the basic tier of programming in Moorhead. If the provision of Minnesota state law requiring one local access channel to be on the VHF spectrum has not been superseded by federal law, Grantee shall provide at least one full channel on the VHF spectrum for local access programming, with the City having the choice of which local access channel shall be in the VHF spectrum. If permitted by federal law, Xxxxxxx agrees that should another cable television franchise be granted by the City, the City, Grantee, and the grantee for the second cable television franchise shall negotiate as to whether or not a specific channel shall be designated on both cable systems for one local access channel.
Access Channels. Programming. The Grantee shall offer to all Customers in its Service Area a diversity of video programming services, to include the provision of public, educational, and governmental (PEG) access channels within the Basic Service Tier, as described below.
Access Channels. In order to meet the need for Access Channels and programming, the Grantee shall make available to the City the following Access Channels throughout the Franchise Area:
Access Channels. (a) On the Effective Date, the Grantee shall continue to provide one (1), video channel for Public, Educational and Government Access use (currently Channel 26). Within sixty (60) days of the effective date of this Agreement, Grantee shall relocate its local origination programming to a separate channel. The Grantor and Grantee may agree to show specific local origination programming produced by or on behalf of Grantee on any one or more of the Grantor’s PEG Access channels.
Access Channels. (1) Grantee will provide the County with up to two (2) EG channels, though Grantee reserves the right to utilize for its own purposes any portion of such channels not utilized for EG purposes. The EG channels will be provided upon request by the County.