Accepts Sample Clauses

Accepts a position outside the Bargaining Unit or accepts a temporary position outside the Bargaining Unit of six (6) months or more. The parties may by mutual agreement, in writing, extend the timelines;
Accepts in case mentioned in article 1.10, to give the reimbursement only to an adult person (> 15 years old) listed in the insurance member family book of the insured patient family.
Accepts full responsibility for anyone in its employ or control, or anyone who purports to be an employee or agent of the undersigned, and who enters upon the Property without executing the foregoing Indemnification and Release and/or without prior authorization.
Accepts. 2. CHARGES; CHANGES IN RENTAL EQUIPMENT OR RENTAL PERIOD. Company shall pay Rigger on all services and equipment charges as agreed to herein and other charges in accordance with the Agreement. The parties understand that the services and/or equipment requirements of the Company may change after the execution of this agreement. In the event of any changes required by Company, Company agrees that there may be changes in the service and/or equipment charges. All other terms and conditions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect despite any amendment or change to the charges hereunder. Both parties agree that after the Minimum Rental Period has been fulfilled, the agreement can be terminated by giving seven (7) days written notice to the other party. In the event of a cancellation, Rigger shall dissemble and remove the equipment and the Company shall continue to pay for the services and equipment until the equipment arrives at Rigger.
Accepts declares and undertakes that the terms agreed between himself and the bank as regards the maturity term and notification period remain reserved.
Accepts. (i) the product supply of shrinkwrap offers a manufacturer’s guarantee of UV protection and can withstand up to the manufacturers specified tolerance and/or Bureau of Meteorology definition regarding gale force winds, being winds of up to sixty-one kilometres/per hour (61kph); and
Accepts and implements a constructive criticism in a professional manner.
Accepts. THAT any notice or demand by Five Arrows shall be deemed to be validly served or made if sent or delivered to the Guarantor's address stated below or to the registered office of the Guarantor (if applicable) or to any other address at which the Guarantor may carry on business and if sent by post shall be
Accepts. Rigging Provider is Rigging Company – Rigging, LLC.(herein after referred to as Rigger) agrees to provide the services described in Schedule A, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein to the person or entity described above (“Company”). Company hereby warrants that they have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth this Rigging Services Agreement (“Agreement”).