Absorption Sample Clauses

Absorption. Any National Wage and/or Living Wage adjustment occurring during the term of this Agreement will not be applied to rates of pay applying under this Agreement.
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Absorption. In keeping with the principles of equity, employees who are paid above the pay rates specified in schedule B may not receive an across the board fixed pay increase until their pay falls within the maximum of the pay range relevant to their position.
Absorption. 42.1 An Employee who is, prior to the commencement of this Agreement, being paid at a rate of pay in excess of the rates prescribed in Schedule C of this Agreement for their respective classification, shall not have their rate of pay increased in accordance with clause 40 of this Agreement, unless their rate of pay falls below that provided in Schedule C. In such circumstances, the Employee shall be paid in accordance with the rate of pay prescribed in Schedule C for their respective classification.
Absorption. Wage increases arising from the implementation of the classification structure are subject to absorption into existing payments that are above the minimum for the new classification.
Absorption. The parties agree that all allowances prescribed by the award have been included in the rates of pay in this agreement.
Absorption. The provisions of this clause are in substitution for and not cumulative upon the relevant provisions of the Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award (1998).
Absorption. Solubilised drug molecules can be rapidly cleared from the airways across the epithelial barrier, either transcellularly through the epithelial cells, or paracellularly between adjacent cells of the respiratory tract into the interstitium and then to blood and lymph (Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxxxxx, 1992 ; Xxxxxx, 1996). Transcellular drug transport occurs primarily through passive diffusion, but can involve active carrier mediated processes (including by P- glycoprotein or multi drug resistance proteins) for certain drug substrates (Xxxxxx et al., 2009). Transcytosis can also occur and this process is important for large macromolecules and nanosized particulates (Bosquillon, 2010; Xxxxxxxxx, 2001). For example, inhaled human insulin has been suggested to achieve and maintain effective glycaemic control as a result of absorption across epithelia cells due to transcytosis (XxXxxxxx et al., 2005). Passive transcellular diffusion for all molecules depends on drug physiochemical properties, such as molecular weight, charge and hydrophobicity (log P). Small lipophilic molecules tend to readily diffuse through the lipid bilayers of cells. The alternative paracellular route is commonly used by hydrophilic molecules that are small enough to filter through the cellular junctions (Xxxxxx and Xxxxx, 2007). The junctional complex between adjacent cells includes the tight junction and the adherens junction, which together form a selective permeability barrier at the apical border of the epithelium, with a molecular weight cut off of 40 kDa (Xxxxxx, 1996). Once molecules have translocated to the blood circulation, they can be distributed throughout the body.
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Absorption. 17.6.6(a) The rates of pay in this award include the federal minimum wage payable under the Safety Net Review - Wages June 2005 decision [PR002005]. Any increase arising from the insertion of the federal minimum wage clause may be offset against any equivalent amount in rates of pay received by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are regulated by this award which are above the wage rates prescribed in the award. Such above-award payments include wages payable pursuant to certified agreements, currently operating enterprise flexibility agreements, Australian workplace agreements, award variations to give effect to enterprise agreements and over award arrangements. Absorption which is contrary to the terms of an agreement is not required.
Absorption. ETX2514 single-dose PK in nonclinical species Single-dose IV PK parameters of ETX2514 were determined in rats and dogs at doses of 3 and 0.45 mg/kg, respectively (Study Report PC2514-2016-0027 and Study Report PC2514-2016-0026). ETX2514 clearance was low to moderate, and Vdss was nearly equivalent to body water in both species. Elimination half-life was less than 1 hour in both rats and dogs. The data suggest that exposure generally increases dose proportionally, and the terminal half-life was consistent across all dose levels (Study Report PC2514-2016-0029 and Study Report PC2514-2016-0028). Table 4–14 presents the mean single-dose PK parameters obtained from maximum tolerated dose and dose range-finding toxicology studies in rats and dogs.
Absorption. On successful completion of the Training Period, of which the Company shall be the sole judge, the Company will consider offering you employment in a suitable grade in the Company and will be based at any of our proposed SEZ sites or any other location across India. Your annual CTC including all benefits will be as per the details mentioned in 'Annexure-2'.
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