Industrial use definition

Industrial use means the use of natural gas, electricity, heat, coal, fuel oil, or other fuels:
Industrial use means use for or in a manufacturing, mining, or chemical process or use in the operation of factories, processing plants, and similar sites.
Industrial use means the use of land, buildings or structures designed for the purpose of manufacturing, assembling, making, preparing, inspecting, ornamenting, finishing, treating, altering, repairing, warehousing or storing or adapting for sale of any goods, substance, article or thing, or any part thereof and the storage of building and construction equipment and materials, as distinguished from the buying and selling of commodities and the supplying of personal services. This definition does not include Agricultural Use;

Examples of Industrial use in a sentence

  • The land use classification of the project site is General Industrial use.

  • Industrial use has been identified as one of the appropriate uses of this area.

More Definitions of Industrial use

Industrial use means the use of land or a building designed or used as a factory within the meaning of the Factories, Machinery and Building Works Act, 1941 (Act 22 of 1941) and any amendments thereof and includes any office or other building on the same site, the use of which is incidental to, or reasonably necessary in connection with the use of such factory but shall not include noxious industrial uses, a single dwelling unit, dwelling units and public garages;
Industrial use means any of the following:
Industrial use means a property which is intended to be used in whole or in part for the manufacture, conversion, processing, cleaning, laundering or assembly of any product, commodity or article.
Industrial use means lands, buildings or structures used or designed or intended for use for manufacturing, producing, processing, fabricating or assembly of raw goods, research or development in connection therewith, and includes office uses, warehousing or bulk storage of goods and the sale of commodities to the general public where such uses are accessory to an industrial use, but does not include the sale of commodities to the general public through a warehouse club or similar use;
Industrial use means lands, buildings or structures or portions thereof used or designed or intended to be used for a purpose which is classified as a Group F occupancy, pursuant to the Ontario Building Code.
Industrial use means use:
Industrial use. , in relation to any goods, means the use of those goods in the manufacture of, or for incorporation in, goods of a different description in the course of the carrying on of a business;