Intended for human consumption definition

Intended for human consumption means intended for a human to eat, drink, or otherwise put in the mouth but does not mean intended for human inhalation.
Intended for human consumption means intended for ingestion or inhalation by a human or for topical application to the skin or hair of a human.
Intended for human consumption means intended for a human to ingest, inhale, topically apply to the skin or hair, or otherwise absorb into the body.

Examples of Intended for human consumption in a sentence

  • Intended for human consumption, if used as animal feed are considered as food loss.

  • For every N'' belonging to SSN that is not under the domain of M but under the domain of another Monitor M’, M sends a test request for N′′ and faulty link L'' recursively to higher level Monitors till a common parent for M and M’ is found, which routes it to M’.

  • I would be very difficult to separate out the funds to be only for tsunami debris.

  • Intended for human consumption and irrigation, water resources could contribute, among others, to the production of electric power which is cruelly lacking in the country; and thereby lower imports of petroleum derivatives.

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