Swingline Loan Sample Clauses

Swingline Loan. If the Agent shall elect, in its discretion, to have the terms of this Section 2.3(h) apply to a requested Borrowing of Revolving Credit Loans (as described in Section 2.3(f)(ii)), the Swingline Lender shall make a Loan in the amount of such requested Borrowing (any such Loan made solely by the Swingline Lender under this Section 2.3(h) being referred to as an “Swingline Loan”) available to the Borrowers in same day funds by wire transferring such amount to the Operating Account by 4:00 p.m. (New York time) on the requested Borrowing Date. Each Swingline Loan shall be subject to all the terms and conditions applicable hereunder to the other Revolving Credit Loans except that all payments thereon shall be payable to the Swingline Lender solely for its own account (and for the account of the holder of any participation interest with respect to such Loan). The Swingline Lender shall not make any Swingline Loan if (i) the requested Borrowing would cause the aggregate outstanding amount of Revolving Credit Loans, Swingline Loans and undrawn amount of unexpired Letters of Credit to exceed the lesser of (x) the Borrowing Base and (y) the Aggregate Revolving Credit Commitment on such Borrowing Date or (ii) the requested Borrowing would cause the aggregate outstanding amount of Swingline Loans to exceed Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($12,500,000). The Swingline Loans shall be repayable on demand, shall be secured by the Collateral, shall constitute Revolving Credit Loans and Obligations hereunder and shall bear interest at the rate in effect from time to time applicable to the Revolving Credit Loans comprised of Base Rate Advances, including any increase in such rate that is applicable under Section 4.2. The Swingline Loans made by the Swingline Lender may, at the request of such Lender, be evidenced by a single promissory note payable to the order of such Lender, in the form of Exhibit A-2 (as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, a “Swingline Note”), as executed by the Borrowers and delivered to the Swingline Lender, in a stated amount equal to the maximum amount of the Swingline Loans specified in this subsection.
Swingline Loan. Subject to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and so long as no Default exists, from time to time on and after the Restatement Date and prior to the Final Maturity Date, the Swingline Lender will make loans to the Company in such amounts as may be requested by the Company in accordance with Section 2.2.2. The sum of the aggregate principal amount of loans made under this Section 2.2 at any one time outstanding plus the Revolving Loan plus the Letter of Credit Exposure shall in no event exceed the lesser of (a) the Borrowing Base or (b) the Maximum Amount of Revolving Credit. In no event will the principal amount of loans made pursuant to this Section 2.2 at any one time outstanding exceed $20,000,000.
Swingline Loan. If the Borrower fails to make such payment when due, the Administrative Agent shall notify each Revolving Lender of the applicable LC Disbursement, the payment then due from the Borrower in respect thereof and such Revolving Lender’s Applicable Percentage thereof. Promptly following receipt of such notice, each Revolving Lender shall pay to the Administrative Agent its Applicable Percentage of the payment then due from the Borrower, in the same manner as provided in Section 2.06 with respect to Loans made by such Lender (and Section 2.06 shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the payment obligations of the Revolving Lenders pursuant to this paragraph), and the Administrative Agent shall promptly remit to the applicable Issuing Bank the amounts so received by it from the Revolving Lenders. Promptly following receipt by the Administrative Agent of any payment from the Borrower pursuant to this paragraph, the Administrative Agent shall distribute such payment to the applicable Issuing Bank or, to the extent that Revolving Lenders have made payments pursuant to this paragraph to reimburse such Issuing Bank, then to such Revolving Lenders and such Issuing Bank as their interests may appear. Any payment made by a Revolving Lender pursuant to this paragraph to reimburse any Issuing Bank for any LC Disbursement (other than the funding of ABR Revolving Loans or Swingline Loans as contemplated above) shall not constitute a Loan and shall not relieve the Borrower of its obligation to reimburse such LC Disbursement.
Swingline Loan a US Swingline Loan or a UK Swingline Loan, as the context requires. TARGET Day: any day on which the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer (TARGET) payment system (or, if such payment system ceases to be operative, such other payment system (if any) determined by the Agent to be a suitable replacement) is open for the settlement of payments in Euro. Taxes: all present or future taxes, levies, imposts, duties, deductions, withholdings (including backup withholding), assessments, fees or other charges imposed by any Governmental Authority, including any interest, additions to tax or penalties applicable thereto.
Swingline Loan. Subject to Section 2.6.5, the Company will apply the proceeds of the Swingline Loan for working capital and other lawful corporate purposes.
Swingline Loan. (i) The Agent, the Swingline Lender and the Revolving Credit Lenders agree that in order to facilitate the administration of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, promptly after the Borrower Agent requests a Revolving Credit Loan, the Swingline Lender may elect to have the terms of this Section 2.3(h) apply to such borrowing request by advancing, on behalf of the Revolving Credit Lenders and in the amount requested, same day funds to the Borrowers (each such Loan made solely by the Swingline Lender pursuant to this Section 2.3(h) is referred to in this Agreement as a “Swingline Loan”), with settlement among them as to the Swingline Loans to take place on a periodic basis as set forth in Section 2.3
Swingline Loan. The Administrative Agent will promptly advise the Swingline Lender of any such notice received from a Borrower. The Swingline Lender shall make each Swingline Loan available to the applicable Borrower by means of a credit to an account of the Borrower maintained with the Swingline Lender or another account requested by such Borrower and agreed to by the Swingline Lender (or, in the case of a Swingline Loan made to finance the reimbursement of an LC Disbursement as provided in Section 2.05(e), by remittance to the applicable Issuing Bank) by 3:00 p.m., New York City time, on the requested date of such Swingline Loan.
Swingline Loan. Agent may convert any request by Borrower for a Revolving Advance into a request for an Advance under the Swingline Loan. The Swingline Loan shall be a Base Rate Loan and shall not exceed in the aggregate at any time outstanding the Maximum Swingline Loan Amount. In the event that on any Business Day Swingline Lender desires that all or any portion of the Swingline Loan should be reduced in whole or in part, Swingline Lender shall promptly notify Agent to that effect and indicate the portion of the Swingline Loan to be reduced. Swingline Lender hereby agrees that it shall notify Agent to reduce the Swingline Loan to $0 at least once every rolling, consecutive twenty one (21) day period. Agent agrees to promptly transmit to Lenders the information contained in each notice received by Agent from Swingline Lender and shall concurrently notify Lenders of each Lender's Pro Rata Share of the obligation to make a Revolving Advance to repay the Swingline Loan (or portion thereof). Each of the Lenders hereby unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to fund to Agent for the benefit of Swingline Lender, in lawful money of the United States and in same day funds, not later than 1:00 p.m. Central time on the Business Day immediately following the Business Day of such Lender's receipt of such notice from Agent (provided that if any Lender shall receive such notice at or prior to 11:00 a.m. Central time on a Business Day, such funding shall be made by such Lender on such Business Day), such Lender's Pro Rata Share of a Revolving Advance (which Revolving Advance shall be a Base Rate Loan and shall be deemed to be requested by Borrower) in the principal amount of such portion of the Swingline Loan which is required to be paid to Swingline Lender under this subsection 2.1(D) (regardless of whether the conditions precedent thereto set forth in Section 3 and the Conditions Rider are then satisfied and whether or not Borrower has provided a notice of borrowing under subsection 2.1(E) and whether or not any Default or Event of Default exists or all or any of the Loans have been accelerated, but subject to the other provisions of this subsection 2.1(D). The proceeds of any such Revolving Advance shall be immediately paid over to Agent for the benefit of Swingline Lender for application applied by Agent to the Swingline Loan. In the event that an Event of Default shall occur and either (i) such Event of Default is of the type described in subsection 8.1(G) or (H) hereof or (ii) no ...
Swingline Loan. 3.9.1 At any time that the Canadian Borrower would be entitled to obtain Facility A Advances and to such extent provided in this Section 3.9, the Canadian Borrower shall be entitled to create or increase an overdraft in its CDollar Current Account or USDollar Current Account, without having to provide to the Administrative Agent a Notice of Borrowing. The Swingline CDollar Availment and Swingline USDollar Availment from time to time outstanding shall be deemed to be a Canadian Rate Loan or a US Base Rate Loan respectively.