Mutual Fund Sample Clauses

Mutual Fund. 8.1.1 A mutual fund is an investment that pools money from investors who have consistent investment objective and invests the money in stocks, bonds or other securities. Mutual Funds are managed by professional managers, and the investment managers are responsible for selecting and managing the securities held in the fund while the investors could share the fund's income, expenses and other gains or losses that the fund makes based on its investments, in proportion to the shares they own.
Mutual Fund. A regulated investment company, as defined in section 851(a) of the Code. The Mutual finds will include (a) funds that are a series of VALIC Company I or VALIC Company II and are listed in the VALIC Company I and II Prospectuses and (b) such funds as are selected by the Employer.
Mutual Fund. Certain Investors are registered investment companies entering into this Agreement solely on behalf of one or more of their mutual fund series (each, a "Fund"). With respect to all obligations of a Fund arising out of this Agreement, the Company will look for payment or satisfaction of any claim solely to the assets and property of the applicable Fund. * * * * *
Mutual Fund. The Fund will be a mutual fund, the shares of which will be offered and sold to the public in the Territory. The Fund will invest primarily in stocks included in the Stock List, subject to DHCM’s sole and absolute discretion.
Mutual Fund. SEI Trust or an affiliate thereof may receive certain fees from third party mutual fund complexes for which SEI Trust or its affiliate performs shareholder services, administrative services, subdistribution services and/or commissions for effecting securities transactions.
Mutual Fund. Trainer Wortham Total Return Bond Fund Trainer Wortham California Intermediate Tax-Free Fund Trainer Wortham Large-Cap Growth Fund This Schedule "A" may be amended from time to time by agreement of the Parties.
Mutual Fund. A regulated investment company, as defined in Section 851(a) of the Code. The Mutual Funds will include funds that are a series of VALIC Company I or VALIC Company II. These Mutual Funds are listed in the VALIC Company I and II Prospectuses.

Related to Mutual Fund

  • Mutual Funds The Sponsor hereby acknowledges that it has received from the Trustee a copy of the prospectus for each Mutual Fund selected by the Sponsor as a Plan investment option. Trust investments in Mutual Funds shall be subject to the following limitations:

  • FEMA Fund Certifications Submission of this proposal is Vendor’s certification that Vendor agrees to this term. Vendor certifies that IF and when Vendor accepts a TIPS purchase paid for in full or part with FEMA funds, Vendor certifies that: (1) Vendor agrees to provide the TIPS Member, the FEMA Administrator, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their authorized representatives access to and rights to reproduce any books, documents, papers, and records of the Contractor which are directly pertinent to this contract for the purposes of making audits, examinations, excerpts, and transcriptions. The Vendor agrees to provide the FEMA Administrator or an authorized representatives access to construction or other work sites pertaining to the work being completed under the contract. Vendor acknowledges and agrees that no language in this contract or the contract with the TIPS Member is intended to prohibit audits or internal reviews by the FEMA Administrator or the Comptroller General of the United States. (2) The Vendor shall not use the Department of Homeland Security’s seal(s), logos, crests, or reproductions of flags or likenesses of DHS agency officials without specific FEMA pre-approval. (3) The Vendor will comply with all applicable Federal law, regulations, executive orders, FEMA policies, procedures, and directives. (4) The Federal Government is not a party to this contract and is not subject to any obligations or liabilities to the non-Federal entity, contractor, or any other party pertaining to any matter resulting from the contract. (5) The Vendor acknowledges that 31 U.S.C. Chap. 38 (Administrative Remedies for False Claims and Statements) applies to the Vendor’s actions pertaining to this contract.

  • Investment Article 126.

  • Portfolios The Target Portfolio and Acquiring Portfolio covenant and agree to dispose of certain assets prior to the Closing Date, but only if and to the extent necessary, so that at Closing, when the Assets are added to the Acquiring Portfolio’s portfolio, the resulting portfolio will meet the Acquiring Portfolio’s investment objective, policies and restrictions, as set forth in the Acquiring Portfolio’s Prospectus, a copy of which has been delivered to the Target Portfolio. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing herein will require the Target Portfolio to dispose of any portion of the Assets if, in the reasonable judgment of the Target Portfolio’s Directors or investment adviser, such disposition would create more than an insignificant risk that the Reorganization would not be treated as a “reorganization” described in Section 368(a) of the Code.

  • INDUSTRY FUND a. The Employer shall contribute and remit such contributions to the Union’s Industry Fund as specified in Schedule “A” for each hour worked by each employee covered by this Agreement.

  • Company Not an “Investment Company The Company is not, and will not be, either after receipt of payment for the Offered Shares or after the application of the proceeds therefrom as described under “Use of Proceeds” in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus or the Prospectus, required to register as an “investment company” under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Investment Company Act”).

  • Portfolio The portfolio is due by the end of the 12th week.

  • Investment Account The Manager shall maintain an investment account or accounts in the Manager’s name (the “Account”) on behalf of the Principal, any other participating insurer affiliated with the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company, an insurance subsidiary or affiliate of the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company or a pension plan or profit-sharing plan of the Principal, its insurance subsidiaries or affiliates, (collectively, the “Participants”), and shall hold therein all debt obligations, accounts or deposits permitted by the New Hampshire Insurance Code as more fully described on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time, and attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, “Investments”), deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal and the Participants from time to time pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All Investments in the Account shall be Short-Term Obligations.

  • Not an Investment Company The Borrower is not an "investment company" within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.

  • PIPE Investment (a) Acquiror has delivered to the Company true, correct and complete copies of each of the Subscription Agreements entered into by Acquiror with the applicable PIPE Investors named therein, pursuant to which the PIPE Investors have committed to provide equity financing to Acquiror solely for purposes of consummating the Transactions in the aggregate amount of not less than $225,000,000 (the “PIPE Investment Amount”). To the knowledge of Acquiror, with respect to each PIPE Investor, the Subscription Agreement with such PIPE Investor is in full force and effect and has not been withdrawn or terminated, or otherwise amended or modified, in any respect, and no withdrawal, termination, amendment or modification is contemplated by Acquiror. Each Subscription Agreement is a legal, valid and binding obligation of Acquiror and, to the knowledge of Acquiror, each PIPE Investor, and neither the execution or delivery by any party thereto nor the performance of any party’s obligations under any such Subscription Agreement violates or will violate any Laws. There are no other agreements, side letters, or arrangements between Acquiror and any PIPE Investor that could affect the obligation of such PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreement of such PIPE Investors, and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror does not know of any facts or circumstances that may reasonably be expected to result in any of the conditions set forth in any Subscription Agreement not being satisfied, or the PIPE Investment Amount not being available to Acquiror, on the Closing Date. No event has occurred that, with or without notice, lapse of time or both, would constitute a default or breach on the part of Acquiror under any material term or condition of any Subscription Agreement and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror has no reason to believe that it will be unable to satisfy in all respects on a timely basis any condition to closing or material term to be satisfied by it contained in any Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreements contain all of the conditions precedent (other than the conditions contained in this Agreement) to the obligations of the PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreements on the terms therein.