Interest Holder definition

Interest Holder means any Person who holds an Interest, whether as a Member or as an unadmitted assignee of a Member.
Interest Holder means a person who holds of record an interest.
Interest Holder means a direct holder of an interest.

Examples of Interest Holder in a sentence

  • In the event that a Third Party Interest (other than a Public Utility Easement) is to be surrendered prior to creation of an Entitlement Reserve, the parties agree that the surrender of the Third Party Interest shall be the subject of an agreement between the Band, Canada and the Third Party Interest Holder.

  • Each Lessor is only liable for any breaches under this Lease occurring while registered as the Primary Interest Holder of the Leased Premises.

  • A separate Capital Account shall be maintained for each Interest Holder.

  • The successor Interest Holder shall have all the rights of an Interest Holder but shall not be entitled to receive in liquidation of the Interest, the fair market value of the Member’s Interest as of the date the Member involuntarily resigned from the Company.

  • In the event that any matter arises under the Quarterly Master Trust Agreement that requires or permits the consent of Q-REMIC Interest Holders, the Trustee, as the holder of the related Q-REMIC Mirror Interest, will provide notification of such matter to the I-REMIC Interest Holder of the related I-REMIC Interest and request direction with regard thereto.

More Definitions of Interest Holder

Interest Holder means any of the following:
Interest Holder means the holder of an Interest.
Interest Holder has the meaning set forth in the Intercreditor Agreement.
Interest Holder means a secured party within the meaning of chapter 554, or the beneficiary of a security interest or encumbrance pertaining to an interest in property, whose interest is perfected against a good faith purchaser for value. A person who holds property for the benefit of or as an agent or nominee for another person, or who is not in substantial compliance with any statute requiring an interest in property to be recorded or reflected in public records in order to perfect the interest against a good faith purchaser for value, is not an interest holder.
Interest Holder means a person who owns an interest in a cooperative, whether or not that interest has voting rights.
Interest Holder means any record or beneficial holder or owner of an Equity Interest.
Interest Holder means a person who holds of record: