Unit Holders definition

Unit Holders means all Unit Holders.
Unit Holders means all such Persons.

Examples of Unit Holders in a sentence

  • The Management Company may announce a suspension of redemption and such a measure shall be taken to protect the interest of the Unit Holder(s) in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

  • All Units and fractions thereof represent an undivided share in the Scheme and shall rank pari passu according to the number of Units held by each Unit Holder, including as to the rights of the Unit Holder(s) in the Net Assets, earnings and the receipt of the dividends and distributions.

  • No Unit Holder(s) shall be liable to make any further contributions to the Fund after he has paid the purchase price of the Units as specified in the Offering Document and no further liability shall be imposed on any Unit Holder(s) in respect of the Units held by him.

  • All amounts withheld pursuant to the Code or any provision of any state, local or foreign tax law with respect to any payment, distribution or allocation to the Company or the Unit Holders shall be treated as amounts paid or distributed, as the case may be, to the Unit Holders with respect to which such amount was withheld pursuant to this Section 4.2 for all purposes under this Agreement.

  • However any profit earned on the amount payable to the Unit Holders as distribution shall become part of the Trust Property.

More Definitions of Unit Holders

Unit Holders means those persons who hold a Depositary Unit and who are reflected on the books and records of Geodyne Depositary Company, as Depositary of the Limited Partnership, as holders of record of Depositary Units as of the close of business at the time of reference thereto.
Unit Holders means all Persons who hold Units. "Unit Holder" means any one of the Unit Holders.
Unit Holders means all Class A Unit Holders, Class B Unit Holders, and Class C Unit Holders when no distinction is required by the context in which the term is used herein.
Unit Holders shall have the meaning set forth in the introductory -------------- paragraphs hereto.
Unit Holders or “you” means the person for the time being who is registered pursuant to the Deed as a holder of Units, including a jointholder; and
Unit Holders or “you” means
Unit Holders means the registered holders from time to time of the Exchangeable Units; and