Former Member definition

Former Member means a member that has withdrawn from a qualified authority under this section or a prior member of a qualified authority that has been dissolved under this section.
Former Member refer to such Persons as hereafter from time to time cease to be a Non-Managing Member or Member, respectively, pursuant to the terms and provisions of this Agreement.
Former Member has the meaning set forth in Section 10.1.

Examples of Former Member in a sentence

  • The net proceeds of the sale will belong to the Company and upon receipt by the Company of such net proceeds it shall become indebted to the former Member for an amount equal to such net proceeds.

  • State education policies very frequently force indigenous children whose mother tongue is an indigenous language3 into education through the medium of the dominant state language.E/C.19/2008/1 1 This Expert Paper has been written by Robert Dunbar, Reader in Law and Celtic, The University of Aberdeen, UK, and Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Åbo Akademi University Vasa, Finland, in collaboration with Lars-Anders Baer, present Member, and Ole Henrik Magga, former Member and Chair of the UNPFII.

  • A former Member who has had his membership terminated for nonpayment of dues, fees, fines, or other assessments duly levied in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws or the provisions of other Rules and Regulations of the Board or any of its services, departments, divisions or subsidiaries may apply for reinstatement in a manner prescribed for new applicants for membership, after making payment in full of all accounts due as of the date of termination.

  • The revision also has considered the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, discussion inputs from former Member of GED (now honourable State Minister for Planning), SDGs Coordinator, Member, SEID and Secretary, Coordination and Reforms of Cabinet Division.

  • When a Member or former Member dies, the Member’s estate will retain all the Member’s rights, responsibilities, and obligations under this Article, unless the estate chooses to transfer the rights, responsibilities, and obligations in writing to the University or to another party.

More Definitions of Former Member

Former Member means (a) a Member whose employment with the Company or an Affiliated Employer terminates before he or she has completed five or more years of Service, or (b) a Member who was removed from participation in the Plan, in accordance with Section 2.2 hereof, before he or she has completed five or more years of Service.
Former Member means an institution, other than a Member, that owns Capital Stock, and includes without limitation (1) a former Member that has withdrawn voluntarily from Membership, (2) a former Member whose Membership has been terminated as a result of merger or consolidation into a nonmember, (3) a former Member whose Membership has been terminated as a result of relocation of its principal place of business, (4) a former Member whose Membership has been terminated involuntarily by the Board of Directors, (5) a former Member that has become subject to the appointment of a conservator, receiver, or other legal custodian under federal or state law, (6) any other successor in interest to a Member or Former Member, and (7) a newly chartered nonmember institution under the control of a conservator, or deposit insurance agency, that has acquired some or all the assets and liabilities of a Member or Former Member.
Former Member means an individual who was a member and who terminates employment upon which his or her membership is based for any reason.
Former Member means a person who is not a Member nor a pensioner under the S&FB Act, but who has been —
Former Member means a person who was a member, but who has resigned, has been appointed to the judiciary or has been disbarred;
Former Member has the meaning specified in Section 8.2.
Former Member shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 8.1.