Therapeutic Activities definition

Therapeutic Activities means a program of purposeful activities to meet the needs and interests that promote personal growth, enhance self - image, and/or improve and maintain the functioning level of the resident to the extent possible.
Therapeutic Activities means restorative activities designed to maintain or improve the quality of one’s life or delay deterioration of skills. Examples of therapeutic activities include gross motor activities, social activities, sensory enhancement activities, crafts, outdoor activities, spiritual activities and ADLs.
Therapeutic Activities means structured and unstructured activities occurring outside of cell that are deemed appropriate by a licensed mental health care provider for treating the respective psychiatric disabilities experienced by Covered Persons.

Examples of Therapeutic Activities in a sentence

  • CMS-Approved Waiver Services: Respite; Child Therapeutic Foster Care; Community Living Supports; Community Transition; Family Home Care Training; Family Support and Training; Therapeutic Activities; Therapeutic Overnight Camping; Wraparound; Home Care Training – Non Family.

  • Therapeutic Activities - The frequency and types of resident activities.

  • As a result, if a government loses a case involving a preliminary ruling, and that government does not want to comply, the government is going to have to ignore a domestic court’s ruling.

  • The CBAS physical therapy and occupational therapy maintenance programs are considered part of Therapeutic Activities.

  • Structured Therapeutic Activities - Organized program activities that are designed to meet treatment goals and objectives for increased social responsibility, self-motivation, and integration into the larger community.

  • Therapeutic Activities shall be provided daily to meet the individual needs of the residents.

  • Therapeutic Activities – The frequency and types of resident activities.

  • Therapeutic Activities With Persons Disabled by Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.

  • Said designated senior officials of the Parties are as follows: For Novartis: Designated officer with full settlement authority; and For ImmunoGen: Chief Executive Officer.

  • The CBAS physical therapy and occupational therapy and occupational therapy maintenance programs are considered part of Therapeutic Activities.

More Definitions of Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic Activities means any action intended to help people with disabilities to address their specific problems. In the case of CFH, therapeutic activities occur throughout the campus, but primarily in classrooms, clinics, studios, and structured and/or unstructured outdoor recreational areas.

Related to Therapeutic Activities

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  • Interscholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete on a school vs. school basis.

  • Development Activities means those Development activities undertaken by or on behalf of a Party or its Affiliates with respect to the Product in the Field.

  • licensed activities means things authorised to be done by the licence

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  • Extracurricular activities means: a voluntary activity sponsored by the school or local education agency or an organization sanctioned by the local education agency. Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, preparation for and involvement in public performances, contests, athletic competitions, demonstrations, displays, and club activities.

  • Commercializing means to engage in Commercialization and “Commercialized” has a corresponding meaning.

  • Therapeutic diet means meals served that are soft, low-fat, low-sodium or controlled calorie.

  • Economic activities shall in principle include activities of an industrial, commercial and professional character and activities of craftsmen;

  • Development Activity means any activity defined as Development which will necessitate a Floodplain Development Permit. This includes buildings, structures, and non-structural items, including (but not limited to) fill, bulkheads, piers, pools, docks, landings, ramps, and erosion control/stabilization measures.

  • Medical Affairs Activities means, with respect to any country or other jurisdiction in the Territory, the coordination of medical information requests and field based medical scientific liaisons with respect to Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products, including activities of medical scientific liaisons and the provision of medical information services with respect to a Licensed Compound or Licensed Product.

  • Collaborative drug therapy management means participation by an authorized pharmacist and a physician in the management of drug therapy pursuant to a written community practice protocol or a written hospital practice protocol.

  • Therapeutic school means a residential group living facility:

  • Collaboration Product means a pharmaceutical product containing or comprising Compound in any dosage form alone, or in combination with, one or more other pharmaceutically active ingredients, and any and all Improvements thereto.

  • Competing Products means any product or service in existence or under development that competes with any product or service of the Company Group about which the Participant obtained Confidential Information or for which the Participant provided advisory services or had sales, origination, marketing, production, distribution, research or development responsibilities in the last twenty-four (24) months of employment with the Company Group.

  • High Risk Activities means uses such as the operation of nuclear facilities, air traffic control, or life support systems, where the use or failure of the Services could lead to death, personal injury, or environmental damage.

  • Licensed Services means all functions performed by the Licensed System.

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  • Nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities means those activities which are specifically related to any process or system development aspect of any of the following: - conversion of nuclear material, - enrichment of nuclear material, - nuclear fuel fabrication, - reactors, - critical facilities, - reprocessing of nuclear fuel, - processing (not including repackaging or conditioning not involving the separation of elements, for storage or disposal) of intermediate or high-level waste containing plutonium, high enriched uranium or uranium-233, but do not include activities related to theoretical or basic scientific research or to research and development on industrial radioisotope applications, medical, hydrological and agricultural applications, health and environmental effects and improved maintenance.

  • High-technology activity means that term as defined in section 3 of the Michigan economic growth authority act, 1995 PA 24, MCL 207.803.

  • Field means all fields of use.

  • Commercial Activities means activities conducted on a commercial basis.

  • Competing Product means [***].

  • Commercial cannabis activity means the production, cultivation,

  • Licensed Programs means, collectively, NeoSystems’ and any Third Party Vendor computer software programs to be provided to Client for use on certain hardware on Client’s premises or a third party’s premises as set forth in an Agreement. The Licensed Programs shall include any fixes, work-arounds, updates, revisions, modifications, enhancements and any derivative works that are provided to Client by NeoSystems under an Agreement.

  • Therapeutic care means services provided by licensed or certified speech pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.