Call Option Notice definition

Call Option Notice means a written notice from the holder of the Call Option or the Administrator, as applicable, stating its desire to exercise the Call Option on the related Reset Date, delivered to each Clearing Agency, the Indenture Trustee, the Remarketing Agents, the Rating Agencies and, if the related class of Reset Rate Notes is then listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, the Administrator will forward a copy to the Luxembourg Listing Agent (the contents of which are to be published in a leading newspaper having general circulation in Luxembourg).
Call Option Notice. As defined in Section 7.01(d).
Call Option Notice has the meaning assigned that term in Section 7.02(b).

Examples of Call Option Notice in a sentence

  • Call Option Notice Date(s): Each date set forth in the Optional Redemption Table in the column entitled "Call Option Notice Date(s)".

  • Call Option Notice Date(s): The fifth Business Day immediately preceding the Optional Redemption Date (Call).

  • Example 2 The Issuer gives notice to the Holders on or prior to the Call Option Notice Date corresponding to the Optional Redemption Date (Call) scheduled to fall on August 28, 2029 of its election to redeem the Securities on such Optional Redemption Date (Call).

  • Provisions regarding Early Redemption 4.1 Call Option[Applicable / Not Applicable]4.2 Call Option Notice Period[*]4.3 Call Option Exercise Period[*]4.4 Third Party Approvals required[*] 5.

More Definitions of Call Option Notice

Call Option Notice has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.2(c).
Call Option Notice means a notice sent to the Company on the Trading Day the Purchaser elects to exercise a Call Option, as provided in Section 6.2(e) hereof, and substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit E.
Call Option Notice means a written notice to be delivered by the Preference Share Agent to MTN, advising MTN that a Trigger Event Call Option may be exercised by MTN or any Call Option MTN Acceded Nominee;
Call Option Notice a notice from Topco to the relevant Rollover Shareholder in the form set out in schedule 3 exercising the Call Option under clause 4.2;
Call Option Notice means the written notice in the form set out in Schedule 2;
Call Option Notice has the meaning given to this term in Clause 5.5.
Call Option Notice has the meaning ascribed to the term "Option Notice" in the Call Option Agreement;