Termination Option definition

Termination Option means the option of either party to terminate a transaction in the event that the other party fails to perform a Firm obligation to deliver Gas in the case of Seller or to receive Gas in the case of Buyer for a designated number of days during a period as specified on the applicable Transaction Confirmation.
Termination Option has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 8.
Termination Option. BCGI has a right to terminate a portion of their premises on the third anniversary of the Lease. Use: General office. Special Rights: None. Tenant: Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine Building: Building F14 Xxxxxx DriveBedford, Massachusetts Premises: 14,632 RSF on the first floor Lease Expiration: April 30, 2015 Renewal Option: None. Expansion Option: None. Permitted Uses: General office purposes and diagnostic medical laboratory for the testing of human blood, urine and other bodily fluids. Restriction(s): In no event shall the premises (or any portion thereof) be used for developing or manufacturing home or office diabetes monitoring devises. Special Rights: None. Tenant: Affymetrix, Inc. Building: Building G4 Xxxxxx DriveBedford, Massachusetts Premises: 80,000 RSF* on two (2) floors * RSF will be reduced marginally to create a common corridor to access the cafe and fitness area proposed in Building A. Lease Expiration: July 31, 2013 Renewal Option: One (1) three (3) year option. (This right will be void if Tenant subleases more than fifty percent (50%) of their premises which is currently being contemplated.) Expansion Option: None. Permitted Uses: General office, light manufacturing, warehouse and research and development purposes, together with all uses ancillary thereto. Special Rights: None.

Examples of Termination Option in a sentence

  • A Redemption of all or substantially all of the Deposited Securities shall be a Termination Option Event.

  • The Transaction Confirmation containing the Termination Option will designate the length of nonperformance triggering the Termination Option and the procedures for exercise thereof, how damages for nonperformance will be compensated, and how liquidation costs will be calculated.

  • If there are no Deposited Securities with respect to American Depositary Shares, including if the Deposited Securities are cancelled, or the Deposited Securities with respect to American Depositary Shares have become apparently worthless, the Depositary may call for surrender of those American Depositary Shares or may cancel those American Depositary Shares, upon notice to Owners, and that condition shall be a Termination Option Event.

  • Improved Termination Option ...................................................................................

  • The required procedure for and consequences of exercising an Opt-out Termination Option are as follows: a.

More Definitions of Termination Option

Termination Option. For nominal consideration, the receipt of which is h ereby acknowledged by Seller, and Buyer's agreement to pay Seller $ (Option Fee) within 3 days after the effective date of this contract, Seller grants Buyer the unrestricted right to terminate this contract by giving notice of termination to Seller within days after the effective date of this contract (Option Period). Notices under this p aragraph must be given by 5:00 p.m. (local time where the Property is located) by the date specified. If no dollar am ount is stated as the Option Fee or if Buyer fai ls to pay the Option Fee to Sel ler within the time prescribed, this paragraph will not be a part of this contract and Buyer shall not have the unrestricted right to terminate this contract. If Buyer gives notice of termination within the time prescribed, the Option Fee will not be refunded; however, any xxxxxxx money will be refunded to Buyer. The Option Fee will will not be credited to the Sales Price at closing. Time is of the essence for this paragraph and strict compliance with the time for performance is required. 24.CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE SIGNING: TREC rules prohibit real estate license holders from giving legal advice. READ THIS CONTRACT CAREFULLY. Buyer's Seller's Attorney is: Attorney is: Phone: ( ) Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) Fax: ( ) E-mail: E-mail: EXECUTED the day of , 20 (EFFECTIVE DATE). (BROKER: FILL IN THE DATE OF FINAL ACCEPTANCE.) Buyer Seller Buyer Seller The form of t his contract has been approved by the Texa s Real Estate Commission. TREC forms are intended for use only by trained real estate. No representation is made as to the legal validity or adequacy of any provision in any specific transactions. It is not intended for complex xxxx sactions. Texas Real Estat e Commission, X.X. Xxx 00 000, Xxxxxx, XX 00000-0000, (512) 936- 3000 (xxxx://xxx.xxxx.xxxxx.xxx) TREC NO. 25-11. This form replaces TREC NO. 25-10. RATIFICATION OF FEE Listing Broker has agreed to pay Other Broker of the total Sales Price when Listing Broker’s fee is received. Escrow Agent i s authorized and di rected to pay Other Broker from Li sting Broker’s fee at closing. Other Broker: Listing Broker: By: By: BROKER INFORMATION AND AGREEMENT FOR PAYMENT OF BROKERS' FEES Other Broker License No. Listing or Principal Broker License No. Associate’s Name License No. Listing Associate’s Name License No. Licensed Supervisor of Associate License No. Licensed Supervisor of Listing Associate License No. Other Broker’s Office Add...
Termination Option shall have the meaning assigned thereto in subsection 4.5(b).
Termination Option. IDT may Close-Out any Credit-Enabled Transaction or Direct Transaction by paying to, or receiving from, BP an amount equal to the UMA Final Settlement Amount, calculated under the Master Netting Agreement for the Direct Transactions and Credit-Enabled Transactions being Closed-Out.
Termination Option has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 5(B).
Termination Option means the option granted to Tenant to terminate the Lease early as set forth in Article 25 of the Original Lease and as amended by Section 9.3
Termination Option means an option by a party to terminate this Contract, to be exercised by written notice to the other party on the conditions set forth with respect to the specific Termination Option, pursuant to which this Contract shall terminate and neither party shall have any obligations of any nature to the other hereunder or by reason hereof, except that the provisions of 2.2, 9, 10, 13, 17 and 21 shall survive that termination and Escrowee shall return the Deposit to Buyer (less the sum of $100 which shall be delivered by Escrowee to Seller as consideration to Seller for entering into this Contract and the Termination Options provided herein) except for an exercise of the Termination Option provided in 21.2 by Seller, in which case the Deposit shall be paid over as provided in 21.2. Time shall be of the essence in the exercise or deemed exercise of any Termination Option granted in 2.1 or 2.4.
Termination Option has the meaning assigned to it in the Headquarters Lease.