Definition of Tenant Group

Tenant Group means, collectively, all of the following Persons: (a) Tenant; (b) each Occupant; (c) each affiliate of Tenant or any Occupant; and (d) any other Person claiming by, through or under Tenant or any Occupant.
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Examples of Tenant Group in a sentence

Each of such insurance policies shall be endorsed so as to include a waiver of subrogation in accordance with and to the full extent of Landlords waiver of claims with respect to the Tenant Group set forth in Section 14.1.2 of this Lease.
The "Tenant Group" means Tenant, Tenant's successors, assignees, guarantors, officers, directors, agents, employees, invitees, permitees or other parties under the supervision or control of Tenant or entering the Property during the term of this Lease with the permission or knowledge of Tenant other than Landlord or its agents or employees.
Tenant shall perform, at its sole cost and expense, any clean-up or remedial work recommended by the Consultant which is necessary to remove, mitigate or remediate any Hazardous Materials and/or contamination of the Property in violation of this Lease caused by the activities or negligence of the Tenant Group.
Landlord hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Tenant and the other members of the Tenant Group from and against (and to reimburse Tenant and the other members of the Tenant Group for) all Claims to the extent arising from or in connection with the active gross negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord or any member of the Landlord Group at the Property.
Notwithstanding any provision of this Lease to the contrary but subject to the Collateral Agreements, all of the Tenants Property shall remain the property of the applicable member of the Tenant Group.