Temporary status definition

Temporary status refers to a permanent bargaining unit member who works in a temporary assignment replacing another permanent or probationary employee absent due to illness, accident, leave of absence or any other temporary reason, for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months. Should a permanent or probationary employee be granted an additional leave of absence, the temporary status may be extended beyond the initial twelve (12) months after consultation with the Bargaining unit.
Temporary status means the status of an appointee who has not acquired provisional,
Temporary status means a noncompetitive employment status established to cope with short- term or unexpected workload demands when the establishment of a permanently funded position is inappropriate or unfeasible.

Examples of Temporary status in a sentence

  • They are frequently necessities, where the income elasticity of demand is larger than the price elasticity of demand, but not very large.

  • Per RIGL 36-4-40, 36- 4-41 and 36-4-42, appeal rights to the Administrator of Adjudication or to the Personnel Appeal Board do not extend to Temporary status employees.

  • All employees, with the exception of Temporary status employees, who are required or authorized to work on a holiday listed above, will be paid at the rate of time and one-half the normal regularly assigned basic pay rate in addition to the normal monthly pay except for New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas which will be paid at a double-time rate in addition to the normal monthly pay.

  • If such temporary assignment is either to fill a position which is vacant or to fill a position during the temporary absence of the employee who holds that position, the employee shall be termed in "Acting Temporary" status.

  • The departmental procedure is to respond to Social History Referrals in the order received, with the exceptions of initial evaluations, emergency and/or priority requests by principals, and referrals for students on ESE Temporary status.

  • When enrolling in courses while on Temporary status, the student is responsible to select courses that he/she will not transfer to CSU and that will fulfill the requirements of his/her selected program of study.

  • Temporary status employees are eligible to participate in the Plan; however, they will not be automatically enrolled.

  • Temporary status does not count toward the one year eligibility requirement.

  • A CSU transcript cannot be issued while a student is on Temporary status.

  • Accrued vacation shall be paid out on termination of employment or on transfer from Regular or Temporary status to Casual status.

More Definitions of Temporary status

Temporary status means a noncompetitive employment status established to cope with
Temporary status is employment which is (1) irregular, sporadic, or casual, or
Temporary status means status given to employees occupying a temporary position;
Temporary status means an employee who is appointed to a position which is established as temporary or seasonal in character and the anticipated duration of which is six (6) months or 1040 hours or less in any calendar year. Temporary employees are not appointed to a regular allocated position in the County Position and Salary Report, and appointees are not required to pass a Civil Service examination or to be appointed from a list of certified eligibles and are not subject to these Rules.
Temporary status means the status of an appointee who has not acquired provisional, probationary or permanent status in the position held. 47
Temporary status means an employee who is appointed to a position which is established as temporary or seasonal in character with an anticipated duration of six (6) months or 1040 hours or less in any calendar year. Temporary employees are not appointed to a regular position in the County Position and Salary Report and are not required to undergo a defined hiring process.

Related to Temporary status

  • Temporary Structure means any structure that is apparently temporary in nature;

  • Temporary service means an electrical service granted temporarily for such purposes as construction, real estate sales, trailers, et cetera;

  • Temporary use means a use or structure on improved or unimproved real estate which is of impermanent nature, and is used for less than ninety days in a calendar year.

  • Temporary sign means a sign not permanently fixed and not intended to remain fixed in one position;

  • Military status means a person's status in "service in the uniformed services" as defined in section 5923.05 of the Revised Code.

  • Temporary Vacancy a vacancy in a position caused by the regularly assigned employee being absent from duty or temporarily assigned to other duties.

  • Temporary Total Disablement means disablement which entirely prevents the Insured Person from attending to their business or occupation.

  • Temporary total disability means disability that results in the inability of an employee to earn wages as a result of a compensable injury for which disability benefits may not exceed a cumulative total of one hundred four weeks or the date the employee reaches maximum medical improvement or maximum medical recovery, whichever occurs first.

  • Temporary license means a license issued on a short-term basis for a specified time pursuant to subrule 3.5(4).

  • Temporary Teacher means a teacher engaged as full-time or part-time as a replacement teacher or such other purpose as may be required to fulfil the teaching obligations of the school, provided that the period of engagement of a temporary teacher shall be not less than twenty consecutive working days and not more than a period of twelve months, except where the substantive teacher on unpaid leave is granted an extension the temporary teacher’s engagement may be extended for the period of this extension.

  • Temporary job site means any location where industrial radiography, wireline service, well- logging, portable gauge or x-ray fluorescence use is performed and where licensed material may be stored other than those locations of use authorized on the license.

  • Temporary post means a post other than a permanent post.

  • Temporary disability means wage loss replacement for the primary job;

  • Temporary domicile means the principal place of abode within Utah of a person who does not have a present intention to continue residency within Utah permanently or indefinitely.

  • Probationary status means the 12-month period following

  • Regulation S Temporary Global Note is exchangeable in whole or in part for one or more Global Notes only (i) on or after the termination of the 40-day restricted period (as defined in Regulation S) and (ii) upon presentation of certificates (accompanied by an Opinion of Counsel, if applicable) required by Article 2 of the Indenture. Upon exchange of this Regulation S Temporary Global Note for one or more Global Notes, the Trustee shall cancel this Regulation S Temporary Global Note.

  • Temporary Notes The Notes specified in Section 2.3 of the Indenture.

  • Temporary Global Note means a global note in the form or substantially in the form set out in Part 1 of Schedule 6 together with the copy of the applicable Final Terms attached to it with such modifications (if any) as may be agreed between the Issuer, the Agent and the relevant Dealer, comprising some or all of the Notes of the same Series issued by the Issuer under the Programme Agreement or any other agreement between the Issuer and the relevant Dealer; Tranche means Notes which are identical in all respects (including as to listing); and

  • temporary licence means a Licence granted under the Act valid for a single day or for such period as may be specified in the Licence not exceeding six months.

  • Temporary Regulation S Legend means the legend set forth in Section 2.1(e).

  • Temporary worker means a person who is furnished to you to substitute for a permanent "employee" on leave or to meet seasonal or short-term workload conditions.

  • Regulation S Temporary Global Note means a temporary Global Note in the form of Exhibit A2 hereto deposited with or on behalf of and registered in the name of the Depositary or its nominee, issued in a denomination equal to the outstanding principal amount of the Notes initially sold in reliance on Rule 903 of Regulation S.

  • Temporary Works means all temporary works of every kind required in or about the execution, completion or maintenance of works.

  • Temporary food establishment means a food establishment that operates for a period of no more than fourteen consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

  • Temporary Certificate means a certificate issued pursuant to subdivision (d) of section 7 of this local law.

  • Temporary Position means a non-permanent position which may be either full time or less than a full negotiated work week, used to perform the following work: