Definition of Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication Systems shall mean the telephone equipment for the Project, including a private branch exchange system (PBX), if any, call accounting and pocket paging system.

Examples of Telecommunication Systems in a sentence

If to Hitachi: Kazuo Furukawa Administrative Officer Chief Operating Officer, Information & Telecommunication Systems Hitachi, Ltd.
Add the definition of TCS: "TCS" means Telecommunication Systems, Inc.
Schedule 12.1.1 - Information Privacy and Security, Criminal Offender Record Information, California Law Enforcement Telecommunication Systems, and County Facility Access COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO 554833: IT AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES AGREEMENT PAGE 6 2.
For the purpose of this Contract, shall constitute part of the GSM Specifications, the GPRS specifications (Global Packet Radio Service), as well as the IS EDGE and DCS/PCS 1800/1900 specifications; and shall not be considered as GSM Specifications the UMTS specifications (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems), as periodically published, in particular by the ETSI.
Smith Date CONTRACTING OFFICER Subcontractor Telecommunication Systems, Inc.