Targeted Area definition

Targeted Area means a distressed community that
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Targeted Area means a "targeted area" within the meaning of Section 143 of the Code. "Targeted Area Residence" means a "targeted area residence" within the meaning of Section 143of the Code.
Targeted Area means that part of the Program Area that has been or may be designated from time to time as a qualified census tract or an area of chronic economic distress in accordance with section 143(j) of the Code. The Targeted Areas shall be set forth in the Program Guidelines and are subject to change with the approval of TSAHC.

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Communities removed from Targeted Area designation, if any, shall also be designated by Program Bulletin.

Please note that the Maximum Household Income Limit varies depending on the county in which the residence is located and whether the residence is located within a Targeted Area.

Borrowers purchasing a Qualified Dwelling in a Federally Targeted Area need not meet the First-Time Homebuyer regulation.

ADFA maintains a current list of Targeted Areas on its website; also, the Targeted Area list is contained in Exhibit E.

Targeted Area means an area which is either (a) listed as a Qualified Census Tract, or (b) an “area of chronic economic distress” designated by the State as meeting the standards established by the State and approved by HUD.

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Targeted Area means: (A) A federally designated "qualified census tract" in which seventy per cent or more of the families have a median income of eighty per cent or less of the state-wide median family income, (B) a state designated and federally approved area of chronic economic distress, or (C) an urban and regional center as identified in the Connecticut Conservation and Development Policies Plan;
Targeted Area means a "targeted area" within the meaning of Section 143 of the Code.
Targeted Area means an area of undeveloped lands zoned for industrial and manufacturing uses in the city that is located within or contiguous to an innovation partnership zone, foreign trade zone, or EB-5 regional center, and desig- nated for possible exemption under the provisions of this chapter.
Targeted Area means an area within the State of Utah specifically identified for predatory animal removal during a specified season.
Targeted Area means a “targeted area” within the meaning of Section 143 of the Code. “Targeted Area Residence” means a “targeted area residence” within the meaning of
Targeted Area means an area within the state listed as one of the Qualified Census Tracts or “areas of chronic economic distress” designated and approved as provided by the Code, and described in the Program Manual as such may be amended from time to time.
Targeted Area means those areas within the State listed as Federally Designated Census Tracts, Areas of Chronic Economic Distress (if any) and areas in need of economic revitalization as determined by local government officials and adopted by Resolution, hereby incorporated by reference. A copy of the listing of such areas can be obtained by contacting the Single Family Bonds Program Administrator at 227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000, Tallahassee, FL 32301-1329.