Controlled area definition

Controlled area means an area, outside of a restricted area but inside the site boundary, access to which can be limited by the licensee or registrant for any reason.
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Controlled area means an area to which only certified asbestos workers, representatives of the Agency, or other per- sons authorized by the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA), have access.
Controlled area means any area declared to be a controlled area under section 32;

Examples of Controlled area in a sentence

The notification under sub-section(2) of section 3 of the Act shall be displayed on the notice board outside the offices of the Deputy Commissioner and all area, the Panchayat Houses and Patvar Khannas in the Controlled area.

Compounded sterile medications may include, but are not limited to, injectables, parenteral nutrition solutions, irrigation solutions, inhalation solutions, intravenous solutions and ophthalmic prepa- rations.(J) Controlled area: For purposes of these regulations, a controlled area is the area des- ignated for preparing sterile products.

At the termination or completion of the contract, or upon the expiration of credentials (if any such expirations are specified), the Contractor must ensure that all DBIDS cards and vehicle registration decals for all contractor and subcontractor employees are returned to the Contracting Officer and that all Controlled area badges and Vindicator cards are returned to the base project manager.

All contractor personnel on the list must meet with the Security Manager and bring their DBIDS badge, Social Security Number, other previously issued Controlled area badges with related contract and expiration date information and an Explosive Safety certificate, if applicable.

The Contractor will provide required access location(s) on the Controlled area badge request.

More Definitions of Controlled area

Controlled area means any of the following areas:
Controlled area means an area subject to special rules for the purpose of protection against ionising radiation or preventing the spread of radioactive contamination and to which access is controlled;
Controlled area means any local area which has been declared as such by the State Government under sub-section (1) of Section 6;
Controlled area means any area where the occupancy and activity of those within is subject to control and supervision for the purpose of protection from radiation hazards.
Controlled area means an area to which only certi- fied asbestos workers, or other persons authorized by the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act, have access. For residential dwellings, the controlled area is the interior of the dwelling, garage, or fenced area that is secured, and where warning signs are posted accordingly.
Controlled area means a Pelican controlled area, a Puffin controlled area or a Zebra controlled area;
Controlled area means an area declared to be a controlled area under section 183A; S. 86(1) def. of "Corporation" amended by No. 44/2001 s. 3(Sch. item 115.1).