Regulated area definition

Regulated area means any portion of an eradication zone designated for any purpose necessary to the execution of the Boll Weevil Eradication Program.
Regulated area means any area within the region governed by and defined in regulations establishing a compact over-order price or commission marketing order.
Regulated area means the regulated area as defined in A.R.S. § 49-457(P)(6).

Examples of Regulated area in a sentence

  • Otherwise, the consumption or 'allocation water' charges described on the fees and charge schedule published on Sunwater's website for the Regulated Area immediately prior to entry into this Agreement.

  • Ontario Regulation 166/06The SubjeCt property iS partially loCated within TRCA’S Regulated Area, aS part of the property iS within a Regulatory flood plain and valley aSSoCiated with the Rouge River WaterShed.

  • This Agreement requires Sunwater to consult with you (or entities representing customers within the Regulated Area) prior to taking some actions (as set out in this Agreement).

  • This document corrects an earlier omission by adding Ohio to the list of states quarantined because of gypsy moth.Removal and Redesignation of Portions of Regulated Area in Lane County, Oregon; Designation of Areas as Low Risk AreasPrior to the effective date of this document, a portion of Lane County, Oregon, was designated as a gypsy moth high-risk area.

  • EXTERNAL AGENCIESTRCA CommentsThe Subject Lands are located within Toronto Region and Conservation Authority (TRCA)’s Regulated Area.

More Definitions of Regulated area

Regulated area means the areas, where all the provisions of Orissa Kenduleaves (Control of Trade) Act,1961 and Orissa Kenduleaves (Control of Trade) Rule 1961 and other ancillary acts and rules are fully applicable.
Regulated area means an area into which, within which or from which plants, plant products and other regulated articles are subjected to phytosanitary regulations or procedures in order to prevent the introduction or spread of quarantine pests or to limit the economic impact of regulated nonquarantine pests.
Regulated area means an area, demarcated by the employer, where an employee's exposure to airborne concentrations of respirable crystalline silica exceeds, or can reasonably be expected to exceed, the PEL.
Regulated area means the area to which the Resource Operations Licence relates.
Regulated area means any area specified or declared under section 20B;
Regulated area means those geographic areas that are protected from the introduction of specified plant pests by the provisions of this quarantine.
Regulated area means either the entire quarantined state or a portion of the quarantined state to which the application of this quarantine is limited to as defined and in rule 901:5-58-04 of the Administrative Code.