Affected area definition

Affected area means a geographical area, excluding the property of the Development;
Affected area means any land or water surface area which is used to facilitate, or is physically altered by, coal mining and reclamation operations.
Affected area means the geo- graphic area subject to or covered by the Act requirement that is the subject of the finding and either, for purposes of the offset sanction under paragraph (e)(1) of this section and the highway sanction under paragraph (e)(2) of this section, is or is within an area des- ignated nonattainment under 42 U.S.C. 7407(d) or, for purposes of the offset sanction under paragraph (e)(1) of this section, is or is within an area other- wise subject to the emission offset re- quirements of 42 U.S.C. 7503.

Examples of Affected area in a sentence

  • Affected area of the Land/Plot (in Acre): ……………......................

  • Affected area remains under control of emergency personnel until building search is completed and all clear signal is given by Campus Safety and Security Personnel or other authorized personnel.

  • Affected area: It refers to area that have to be treated because of landslide, bank collapse and inundation.

  • The Total Plot area available is 6,437.36 Sq.mts, Affected area in Road widening is 216.90 Sq.mts and Net Plot area is 6220.46 Sq.mts.

  • Affected area means any area from which any materials are removed or are to be removed in a surface mining operation and upon which any materials are to be deposited, handled or processed.

More Definitions of Affected area

Affected area means a geographical location specifically for which health measures have been recommended by WHO under these Regulations;
Affected area means such area as may be notified by the appropriate Government for the purposes of land acquisition;
Affected area means an area or part of the country affected by a disaster;
Affected area means any port or place where there is a risk of exposure to the Vessel, crew or other persons on board to the Disease and/or to a risk of quarantine or other restrictions being imposed in connection with the Disease.
Affected area means the state of Washington.
Affected area means any real property affected, suspected of being affected, or modeled to be likely affected by a release occurring at an enrolled site.
Affected area means an area outside of the mining area where the land surface, surface water, groundwater, or air resources are determined through an environmental impact assessment to be potentially affected by mining operations within the proposed mining area.