System Enhancements definition

System Enhancements or “Enhancements” means upgrades to the existing Distribution System that are triggered by a new connection and are required in order to maintain system operating characteristics and system capacity;
System Enhancements any system enhancements, custom reports, special files, terminal applications or related service enhancements that are different from or in addition to the system, services and reports we agreed to provide to you as of the effective date of this Agreement.
System Enhancements means Agency defined modifications to the application systems to address legislative, processing or management mandates.

Examples of System Enhancements in a sentence

  • A $2T Relief Package, Keeping Workers Paid and Employed, Health Care System Enhancements, and Economic Stabilization.

  • ISO 27002 REFERENCES12.5.1 Change control procedures 040403 Establishing Ownership for System Enhancements Purpose: To protect systems by defining responsibilities and authority levels required for system change.

  • All the provisions described in this document are in Division A (Keeping Workers Paid and Employed, Health Care System Enhancements, and Economic Stabilization).3Section references are to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), unless otherwise stated.

  • Given the focus of this project on the existing system and reconfiguring capacity, it may be appropriate to reallocate the cost of the Jackson Park project to the RSP category from the System Enhancements category.

  • Review of KPMG Peat Marwick audit report:‘‘Pension and Welfare BenefitsAdministration Review of the Thrift Savings Plan System Enhancements and Software Change Controls at the United States Department ofAgriculture, National Finance Center’’ CONTACT PERSON FOR MORE INFORMATION:Thomas J.

  • Each monthly invoice shall include a section detailing amounts billed for completed deliverables in accordance with the System Enhancements.

  • MPOWER shall only provide General System Enhancements for the then most current Release of the MPOWER Software.

  • The only rationale the IOUs provided to justify this request is that the number of additional registrations is highly dependent on launch of the CAISO’s Demand Response Registration System Enhancements Phase 2.

  • MPOWER shall have the right to distribute such modifications as General System Enhancements, and if MPOWER does so, such modification shall be covered by the MPOWER warranty and support obligations as set forth in this Agreement.

  • During any applicable support period, support for any such prior Release of the MPOWER Software that has been replaced or modified by General System Enhancements or by a subsequent Release shall be limited to correction of identified and reproducible defects in the Shelf Version of such prior Release from the published specifications therefor.

More Definitions of System Enhancements

System Enhancements has the meaning set forth in Section 2.11.2(a).
System Enhancements. Client defined system enhancements will be agreed upon by the Transfer Agent and the Funds and billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour. All programming rates are subject to an annual 5% increase after January 1, 2003. * Less than ** More than
System Enhancements means information systems upgrades that provide Benefiting Agencies and Participating Programs with new capabilities or functionalities that extend the Services provided by Contractor. Routine system maintenance, ad hoc reporting, upgrades to new versions of existing software, and upgrades to hardware are not considered System Enhancements.
System Enhancements means any modifications, developments, custom reports, special files, terminal application or related service changes that are improvements from or in addition to the system, services and reports Processor agreed to provide to the City as of the effective date of the Contract.

Related to System Enhancements

  • Enhancements means the corrections, updates, upgrades or new versions of the Software or Documentation that Licensor may provide to Licensee under this Agreement.

  • Enhancement means a modification, addition or new release of the Software that when added to the Software, materially changes its utility, efficiency, functional capability or application.

  • Credit Enhancements means surety bonds, insurance policies, letters of credit, guarantees and other

  • Regional Transmission Enhancements means enhancements and expansions of the Transmission System that (1) a Regional Transmission Expansion Plan developed pursuant to Operating Agreement, Schedule 6 or (2) any joint planning or coordination agreement between PJM and another region or transmission planning authority set forth in Tariff, Schedule 12- Appendix B (“Appendix B Agreement”) designates one or more of the Transmission Owner(s) to construct and own or finance. Required Transmission Enhancements shall also include enhancements and expansions of facilities in another region or planning authority that meet the definition of transmission facilities pursuant to FERC’s Uniform System of Accounts or have been classified as transmission facilities in a ruling by FERC addressing such facilities constructed pursuant to an Appendix B Agreement cost responsibility for which has been assigned at least in part to PJM pursuant to such Appendix B Agreement.

  • Maintenance Program means LESSEE's maintenance program as approved by the Aviation Authority or such other maintenance program as LESSOR may, in its discretion, accept in writing.

  • Maintenance Plan means a maintenance plan pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:8-5.2(b) and 5.8 prepared by the design engineer for the stormwater management measures incorporated into the design of a major development.

  • Series Enhancement means the rights and benefits provided to the Trust or the Investor Certificateholders of any Series or Class pursuant to any letter of credit, surety bond, insurance policy, cash collateral guaranty, subordinated interest in the Trust Assets, cash collateral account, collateral interest, spread account, guaranteed rate agreement, maturity liquidity facility, tax protection agreement, interest rate swap agreement, interest rate cap agreement or other similar arrangement. The subordination of any Series or Class to another Series or Class shall be deemed to be a Series Enhancement.

  • Provider Platform Application means an application or a set of related functionality deployed on a Platform Cloud Service, created by Provider using the Tools to run on or with the Platform Cloud Service for access by End Users.

  • Credit Enhancement means any credit enhancement or credit support arrangement in support of the obligations of Dealer under or with respect to this Confirmation, including any guarantee, collateral arrangement (including any pledge, charge, mortgage or other security interest in collateral or title transfer arrangement), trust or similar arrangement, letter of credit, transfer of margin or any similar arrangement.

  • Database Management System (DBMS) A system of manual procedures and computer programs used to create, store and update the data required to provide Selective Routing and/or Automatic Location Identification for 911 systems. Day: A calendar day unless otherwise specified. Dedicated Transport: UNE transmission path between one of CenturyLink’s Wire Centers or switches and another of CenturyLink’s Wire Centers or switches within the same LATA and State that are dedicated to a particular customer or carrier. Default: A Party’s violation of any material term or condition of the Agreement, or refusal or failure in any material respect to properly perform its obligations under this Agreement, including the failure to make any undisputed payment when due. A Party shall also be deemed in Default upon such Party’s insolvency or the initiation of bankruptcy or receivership proceedings by or against the Party or the failure to obtain or maintain any certification(s) or authorization(s) from the Commission which are necessary or appropriate for a Party to exchange traffic or order any service, facility or arrangement under this Agreement, or notice from the Party that it has ceased doing business in this State or receipt of publicly available information that signifies the Party is no longer doing business in this State.

  • Enhancement Provider means, with respect to any Series, the Person, if any, designated as such in the related Supplement.

  • Monitoring System means a system established by BNY to fulfill the Responsibilities specified in clauses (d) and (e) of Section 1 of Article III of this Agreement.

  • Fraud Monitoring System means an off-line administration system that monitors suspected occurrences of ABT- related fraud.

  • system user means a natural or legal person supplying to, or being supplied by, a transmission or distribution system;

  • Provider Service means a Provider’s hosted online services (if any) as described in the Solution Exhibit which is provided by Provider to Customers located in the Territory through remote access via the Internet as part of the BPO Service. A Provider Platform Application shall be considered a Provider Service.

  • Disaster Recovery Services means the Services embodied in the processes and procedures for restoring the provision of Services following the occurrence of a Disaster, as detailed further in Call Off Schedule 8 (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery);

  • Routine care means medical care which is not urgent or emergent in nature and can wait for a regularly scheduled physician appointment without risk of permanent damage to the patient’s life or health status. The condition requiring routine care is not likely to substantially worsen without immediate clinical intervention.

  • Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) means the Governmentwide, electronic, web-based system for small business subcontracting program reporting. The eSRS is located at

  • Provider network means an affiliated group of varied health care providers that is established to provide a continuum of health care services to individuals;

  • Maintenance and Support Services means the services provided by Contractor under Appendix F.

  • Electric System Upgrades means any Network Upgrades, Distribution Upgrades, Deliverability Upgrades, or Interconnection Facilities that are determined to be necessary by the CAISO or Transmission/Distribution Owner, as applicable, to physically and electrically interconnect the Project to the Transmission/Distribution Owner’s electric system for receipt of Energy at the Point of Interconnection (as defined in the CAISO Tariff) if connecting to the CAISO Grid, or the Interconnection Point, if the Transmission/Distribution Owner’s electric system is not part of the CAISO Grid.

  • Enhancement Agreement means any agreement, instrument or document governing the terms of any Series Enhancement or pursuant to which any Series Enhancement is issued or outstanding.

  • Upgrades means all new versions and releases of, and bug fixes, error corrections, Workarounds, updates, upgrades, modifications, patches for, the Licensed Software, Deliverables, Documentation, or any other portion of the Work.

  • Enhanced 911 Service (“E911”) means a telephone communication service which will automatically route a call dialed “9-1-1” to a designated public safety answering point (PSAP) attendant and will provide to the attendant the calling party’s telephone number and, when possible, the address from which the call is being placed and the Emergency Response agencies responsible for the location from which the call was dialed.

  • System Life means all phases of the system's development, production, or support.

  • Disaster Recovery System means the system identified by the Supplier in the Supplier Solution which shall be used for the purpose of delivering the Disaster Recovery Services;