Enhancements definition

Enhancements means any and all updates, upgrades, bug fixes, patches, additions, modifications, or other enhancements made to or with respect to the Application Services, System(s), or related Deliverables (including any new releases or versions related thereto) or other Deliverables provided or made available by Vendor, Vendor Contractors, or Vendor Personnel, directly or indirectly, hereunder, and all changes to any Documentation made by Vendor, directly or indirectly, as a result of such Enhancements.
Enhancements means any improvements, modifications, upgrades, updates, fixes, revisions and/or expansions to the Services that Contractor may develop or acquire and incorporate into its standard version of the Services or which the Contractor has elected to make generally available to its customers;

Examples of Enhancements in a sentence

In its December 2009 Final Rule release on Proxy Disclosure Enhancements, the SEC noted that risk oversight is a key compe- tence of the board and that additional disclosures would improve investor and shareholder understanding of the role of the board in the organization’s risk management practices.

Section II.A.2.d. See also footnote 81 in the Proxy Disclosure Enhancements Release.

Enhancements to the Financial Series improve integration between modules and make entering and using your information easier and more flexible.

Shunxing Bao (co-advised by Dr. Bennett Landman), (PhD Computer Science, Vanderbilt University, Sept 2018), Algorithmic Enhancements to Data Colocation Grid Frameworks for Big Data Medical Image Processing [Current Activities:] Continuing as Postdoc at Vanderbilt University.2. Brian Dougherty (Advised by Dr. Douglas Schmidt), (PhD Computer Science, Vanderbilt University, Mar 2011), Topic: Configuration and Deployment Derivation Strategies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems.

The Enhancements - Arguments for the enhancements proposed in the NETP which are not included in other pending plans No Economic Sectors Exempted.

More Definitions of Enhancements

Enhancements means any updates, upgrades, modifications, new releases and corrective programming to the Software that are provided as part of Maintenance Services;
Enhancements means general release (as opposed to custom) changes to a Baseline Component System or Custom Modification which increase the functionality of the Baseline Component System or Custom Modification in question.
Enhancements means a modification to the Programs that alters the functionalities described in the Documentation without materially degrading the functionalities or performance of the Programs.
Enhancements means any updates, improvements or modifications made to, or derivative works created from, the Licensor Content by Licensor.