Subject Matter Experts definition

Subject Matter Experts has the meaning set forth in Section II.A.2.
Subject Matter Experts or "SMEs": means individuals determined by the Modification Panel to be suitably qualified and experienced to act as subject matter experts in the Consultation Phase;
Subject Matter Experts or “SME” means a person retained by the Contractor with a recognized particular expertise in one (1) or more of the following: (i) interpreting a Designated or Non-designated Language; (ii) teaching and/or testing the interpretation skills and abilities of others in a Designated or Non-designated Language; and/or (iii) administering, maintaining and/or developing test materials. SMEs are often Contract Staff, but occasionally, they are employed as Staff Employees who have the minimum qualifications as defined in subsection 1.I of this agreement.

Examples of Subject Matter Experts in a sentence

  • Most recently the technical assistance has orchestrated Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assist with State Agency as Model Employer (SAME), to begin planning for the expansion of Employment First, and to enhance supported employment for individuals with behavioral health concerns.

  • A new security perimeter is redrawn A team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) shall be assembled to review and approve the change.

  • Funding continuing education and training for qualified safety professionals to maintain and improve their technical skills, knowledge, and ability to function as Subject Matter Experts.

  • Aiming to identify critical reoccurring situations during outsourcing in pharmaceutical supply chains, the selection of Subject Matter Experts (SME) has been performed among multinational pharmaceutical companies.

  • Discussion between the negotiation team and Subject Matter Experts is permitted.

More Definitions of Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts or “SMEs” means individuals who by appointment are recognised by the Authority as possessing the necessary knowledge of a subject to confirm that a System Requirement or an area of the Statement of Work has been successfully verified.
Subject Matter Experts means Dr. Daphne Glindmeyer, Dr. Andi Weisman, and anyone else the court or parties by agreement may designate as their replacements.
Subject Matter Experts shall include designated Users that have been certified by SIM to provide training services to Training Recipients on behalf of Customer; provided that (i) any Subject Matter Expert that is not an employee of Customer must be bound by written terms and conditions with Customer that serve to protect SIM in a manner no less protective than the terms and conditions of the Agreement and this SIM Content License Exhibit and (ii) Customer shall be responsible for all acts and/or omissions of Subject Matter Experts and other Users. In the event that any Subject Matter Expert that has been certified by SIM ceases to be in the service of Customer or otherwise fails to maintain such certification in accordance with SIM standards and policies, Customer will ensure that such Subject Matter Expert (i) promptly deletes and destroys all related SIM Content in his or her possession and (ii) no longer acts as a Subject Matter Expert under this SIM Content License Exhibit.
Subject Matter Experts means an individual with specific domain expertise, or who is an authority in a particular area or topic.
Subject Matter Experts means an individual with in-depth knowledge in a specific area or field.