Expert definition

Expert is defined in Section 7.9 of this Agreement.
Expert means an expert appointed under and in accordance with Section 19.3;
Expert is defined in Section 7.8(a).

Examples of Expert in a sentence

  • Expert interrater agreement for epileptiform discharges can be moderate.

  • In summary, the agreement for EDs has a large variation and there are methodological differences that make comparisons of different studies difficult, but overall, the agreement is moderate for individual EDs and possibly substantial for the presence of EDs in whole EEGs. Expert annotations are used as labels in classification tasks in the setting of supervised learning in deep learning.

  • The Joint Classification Committee shall consist of: Maximum of two (2) Classification Expert appointed by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees; Maximum of two (2) Classification Expert appointed by Covenant Health; Maximum of two (2) Labor Relations or Human Resources Client Partnerships Representative appointed by Covenant Health; and Maximum of two (2) AUPE Representative appointed by AUPE.

  • The terms of the engagement of the Independent Expert shall clearly state that the engagement is for the benefit of the Company and the Shareholders.

  • In connection with any proposed Roll-Up Transaction, an appraisal of all of the Company’s assets shall be obtained from a competent Independent Expert.

More Definitions of Expert

Expert has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9.
Expert has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9 of this Agreement.
Expert means the person appointed by the Parties in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of this Framework Schedule 18;
Expert means the person appointed pursuant to, and in accordance with, Clause 23(e).
Expert means a mutually acceptable, disinterested, conflict-of-interest-free individual not affiliated with either Party or its Affiliates who, with respect to a dispute concerning a financial, commercial, scientific or regulatory matter possesses appropriate expertise to resolve such dispute. The Expert (or any of the Expert’s former employers) shall not be or have been at any time an Affiliate, employee, consultant (during the previous five (5) years), officer or director of either Party or any of its Affiliates.
Expert shall have the meaning given in Clause 21.5;
Expert means such nationally recognized expert in the particular area of disagreement as is mutually acceptable to the Corporate Taxpayer and the Agent.