Expert definition

Expert is defined in Section 7.9 of this Agreement.

Examples of Expert in a sentence

  • An Expert Opinion, if Randomized Clinical Trials, Cohort Studies, Case-Control Studies or Case Series are unavailable.

  • Expert Witness Marcel Kabanda testified that in coming up with the answers to the questions, he identified thirteen issues and to do so had to consult three times as many issues.

  • Witness AHA confirmed in cross-examination that The Ten Commandments appeared in many publications other than and prior to Kangura, specifically mentioning Kanguka.64 Prosecution Expert Witnesses Mathias Ruzindana and Marcel Kabanda also confirmed in their testimony that The Ten Commandments were published in other newspapers in Rwanda.

  • Prosecution Expert Witness Alison Des Forges testified that during the period 1992 to 1993, there was considerable tension between Bucyana and Barayagwiza.

  • Counsel for Ngeze established in his cross-examination of Prosecution Expert Witnesses Chrétien and Des Forges that in their respective publications, which reproduced and discussed the cover of Kangura No. 26, the reproduction of the cover was incomplete and inaccurate in that it did not include the photographs of soldiers and arms on the right margin, and it was incorrectly dated as December 1993 rather than November 1991, the date of its publication.

More Definitions of Expert

Expert means a Person which is an engineer, appraiser or other expert and which, with respect to any certificate to be signed by such Person and delivered to the Trustee, is qualified to pass upon the matters set forth in such certificate. For purposes of this definition, (a) "engineer" means a Person engaged in the engineering profession or otherwise qualified to pass upon engineering matters (including, but not limited to, a Person licensed as a professional engineer, whether or not then engaged in the engineering profession) and (b) "appraiser" means a Person engaged in the business of appraising property or otherwise qualified to pass upon the Fair Value or fair market value of property.
Expert has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9.
Expert means the person appointed by the Parties in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of this Framework Schedule 18;
Expert shall have the meaning set forth in Section 18.2.
Expert means a mutually acceptable, disinterested, conflict-of-interest-free individual not affiliated with either Party or its Affiliates who, with respect to a dispute concerning a financial, commercial, scientific or regulatory matter possesses appropriate expertise to resolve such dispute. The Expert (or any of the Expert’s former employers) shall not be or have been at any time an Affiliate, employee, consultant (during the previous five (5) years), officer or director of either Party or any of its Affiliates.