Expert witness definition

Expert witness or “expert” means a person who is retained to render an opinion regarding an issue relevant to a case, whether or not the person actually testifies in court.
Expert witness means a person who is qualified by education, training and/or experience, to provide evidence with respect to the practice of, or the standard of practice required by, the "Insured Profession" and to opine concerning whether the "Insured" has met or exceeded such standard, whether the "Insured" contravened or breached any statute, regulation or by-law governing the conduct of the "Insured Profession", or upon any other issue material to the "Covered Proceeding".
Expert witness means a person whose knowledge, skill, experience, training or education in a scientific, technical, or other specialized area, would enable the person to give testimony under Rule 702 of the Utah Rules of Evidence.

Examples of Expert witness in a sentence

  • Expert witness testimony in litigation involving specific projects.

  • Ch 7 deals with the application of these rules to existing proceedings and contains other transitional provisions.Schedule 1 Expert witness code of conductSch 1 sets out the code of conduct applying to expert witnesses.Schedule 2 Interest ratesSch 2 sets out the interest rates applying to judgments.

  • Expert witness name, business address, telephone, statement of issue upon which the expert is expected to offer testimony statement of qualifications of expert and copy of the expert’s curriculum vitae; Any written report of the expert shall be provided no later than forty-five (45) days prior to trial; If the expert is retained less than forty-five (45) days before the trial, then the above information shall be provided as soon as is possible but in no event later than thirty (30) days before trial.

  • Expert witness (last 12 months or under negotiation), including for each the following: For or against, name of firm, issue, amount received.

  • Expert witness disclosures shall be made no later than 60 days before the date of commencement of the hearing.

More Definitions of Expert witness

Expert witness means Contracts for services of witnesses for the purposes of evaluating a claim or cause of action, preparing for or assisting with actual or likely litigation or otherwise assisting in resolving a dispute. This includes a person possessing specialized knowledge, skills, or experience of a particular subject or profession engaged to assist or consult on the College’s presentation of its case in legal, administrative, and other official proceedings, regardless of whether the Contractor is called to testify.
Expert witness means a person who appears to the court to possess the appropriate qualifications or experience about the matter to which the witness's evidence relates.
Expert witness means a person who is qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training
Expert witness means any person whose professional, scientific or technical training gives authority to evidence given in his or her professional, scientific or technical capacity;
Expert witness means a person who would be recognised by the Hearing Panel as an expert in his or her field by reason of relevant qualifications and/or experience;
Expert witness means a witness who is either:
Expert witness means a witness with the required qualifications or experience to give an opinion on whether the goods delivered are of adequate quality. Expert opinion is required and provided prior to judgment. ***Please provide your responses to the following sections taking into account the case study assumptions provided above. For your convenience, last year’s answers are included in this questionnaire where available. Please note that they represent a unified answer based on all the answers we received from various contributors.***2. Competent Court AnswerCommentDoes the Bombay City Civil Court have jurisdiction over the case described in Section 1, given the value of the claim set at INR 321,665?YesDetails of pecuniary jurisdiction available at http://ecourts. the competent court has changed, please answer all applicable questions in Sections 4, 5 and 6 assuming that the new court would hear that case.