Software Solution definition

Software Solution or “Software” means a software product and related MPS provided under this SOW.
Software Solution means Contract Work in the form of software that is a developed or modified software solution specified in a CA Memorandum to be created by the Supplier for the Customer;
Software Solution means the custom mobile enterprise software application developed, operated and maintained using the Platform for use by Users as described in the Service Order and all Software Upgrades and Software Updates to the Software Solution, including the format, content, look and feel, sequence and functionality thereof.

Examples of Software Solution in a sentence

  • The eligible Bidders desirous of taking up the project for supply of proposed Software Solution/ service for NaBFID are invited to submit their technical and commercial proposal inresponse to this RFP.

  • WHEREAS M/s ,having its registered office atand principal place of business at (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider/ Vendor” whichexpression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shall include its successor, executor & assigns) has agreed to develop, implement and support (name of Software Solution/ Service) (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) to NABFID in accordance with the Request for Proposal (RFP) No. NABFID:xx:xx dated dd/mm/yyyy.

  • This RFP seeks proposals from Bidders who have the necessary experience, capability & expertise to provide NaBFID with the proposed Software Solution/ service adhering to NaBFID’s requirements outlined in this RFP.

  • The proposed Software Solution/ service must have capability to integrate with NaBFID’s systems / infrastructure seamlessly as and when it is deployed in the future.

  • The total cost of Software Solution along with the cost of all items specified in Appendix-F would be the TCO/ Project Cost and should be quoted by the Bidder(s) in commercial price Bid.

More Definitions of Software Solution

Software Solution means the Software Program operating in conjunction with the NetSuite Software on the NetSuite Hosting Environment and the User Documentation.
Software Solution refers to the service for monitoring and managing web traffic edited by DataDome and enabling measuring robot traffic and if applicable managing the access rights, as detailed in the Contract.
Software Solution means the corporate e-mail solution required to meet the desired functionality along with virtualization platform to ensure High Availability (HA) at both sites in DC and DR.
Software Solution means the software solution or Product specified in the Order to be created by the Contractor for the Customer.
Software Solution means the application proposed by OMAK to the Client in line with its requirments
Software Solution means the City’s adopted electronic signature platform.
Software Solution means the software solution, described in Section III of this RFP, to provide for the entry, collection, organization, and transferability of data from multiple entities for use in the LEGISLATURE's fiscal note and performance note processes.