Servicing definition

Servicing. In accordance with Regulation AB, the act of servicing, managing or administering the Mortgage Loans or any other assets of the Trust by an entity (other than the Certificate Administrator and the Trustee) that meets the definition of “servicer” set forth in Item 1101 of Regulation AB and is subject to the disclosure requirements set forth in Item 1108 of Regulation AB. For clarification purposes, any uncapitalized occurrence of this term shall have the meaning commonly understood by participants in the commercial mortgage-backed securities market.
Servicing means receiving a scheduled, periodic payment from a borrower,

Examples of Servicing in a sentence

  • Accrued Servicing Fees shall be payable from Collections to the extent of available funds in accordance with Section 4.01.

  • The Borrower will not incur any indirect or overhead expenses for items shared with the Servicer (or any other Affiliate thereof) that are not reflected in the Servicing Fee.

  • To the extent, if any, that the Borrower (or any Affiliate thereof) shares items of expenses not reflected in the Servicing Fee, such as legal, auditing and other professional services, such expenses will be allocated to the extent practical on the basis of actual use or the value of services rendered, and otherwise on a basis reasonably related to the actual use or the value of services rendered.

  • To the extent that Borrower, on the one hand, and the Servicer, the Parent, the Performance Guarantor, any Originator or any Affiliate thereof, on the other hand, have offices in the same location, the Borrower shall pay a fair and appropriate allocation of overhead costs between it and them, and the Borrower shall bear its fair share of such expenses, which may be paid through the Servicing Fee or otherwise.

  • Pursuant to Section 3.5(a)(iii) of the Transfer and Servicing Agreement, the Servicer shall include in the Monthly Investor Report notice of the occurrence of (i) any Benchmark Transition Event and its related Benchmark Replacement Date, (ii) the determination of any Benchmark Replacement, and (iii) the making of any Benchmark Replacement Conforming Changes.

More Definitions of Servicing

Servicing. With respect to any Mortgage Loan and any A/B Mortgage Loan, the right and obligation of the Primary Servicer to administer such Mortgage Loan and any A/B Mortgage Loan in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Servicing means the furnishing of electric current, or energy, gas or other illuminating agent for any public lighting facilities or for the lighting or operation of any other improvements; or water for the irrigation of any landscaping, the operation of any fountains, or the maintenance of any other improvements.
Servicing means:
Servicing means the maintenance, repair, and servicing of previously installed equipment and systems.
Servicing means: (1) receiving any scheduled periodic
Servicing means the collection or
Servicing means the routine work necessary to keep electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems operational, including, but not limited to: replacing filters, belts, hoses, gaskets and other parts required for the equipment to operate as intended.