Service Group definition

Service Group means any one or more (as the context may require) of the service groups described in this Schedule;
Service Group has the meaning given to it in the Passenger’s Charter when used in relation to the Passenger’s Charter, and when used in the Franchise Agreement it has the meaning given to it in the Track Access Agreement, or as specified by the Secretary of State from time to time;
Service Group means a group that donates proceeds or services to the management or improvement of fish, wildlife, and parks, including the maintenance, management, or the improvement or development of facilities.

Examples of Service Group in a sentence

  • The term Controlled Group, as it is used in this Plan, shall include the term Affiliated Service Group.

  • In the case of a management organization, the Affiliated Service Group shall include organizations related, within the meaning of Code Section 144(a)(3), to either the management organization or the organization for which it performs management functions.

  • For Service Group specific validation please refer to the Validation Signature Page.

  • The privatisation of the largest Albanian bank, the “Savings Bank”, together with the steps taken to privatise the main Albanian insurance company, “INSIG”, represent considerable progress towards the completion of the privatisation of the financial sector.

  • Clinical Service Group Manager and Head of Finance ( Non ILG), Assistant Directors of Finance (ILGs)ii.

More Definitions of Service Group

Service Group means a collection of Services contained within the service groups specified in column A of Appendix 1;
Service Group shall have the meaning set out in Schedule 8;
Service Group means a collection of Services specified in Column A of Appendix 1;
Service Group means In-DOC (a consortium led by the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network, along with Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care’s Rotman Research Institute and the Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery (“RRI-CSR”, Toronto, Ontario); the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (“HPCVL”, Queen’s University Site, Kingston, Ontario); and the Electronic Health Information Laboratory (“EHIL”, part of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and affiliated with the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario)); or any other entity providing design and maintenance support to OBI in relation to Brain-CODE.
Service Group means a group of services provided for in Schedule B to this By-law;
Service Group shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Schedule 8;
Service Group means a service provider to OBI to provide technical expertise such as needed to maintain and upgrade the Brain‐CODE platform.