Client Group definition

Client Group means Client, any corporate body of which Client is a subsidiary (as defined by s. 1159 of the Companies Act 2006), any other subsidiary of such corporate body and any subsidiary of Client;
Client Group means individuals who need similar ser- vices because of a common disability, condition or status. Client groups include individuals:
Client Group means the group of companies comprising affiliates and subsidiaries of Client.

Examples of Client Group in a sentence

  • For example, Jerry Lombard, President of the Private Client Group at Janney Montgomery Scott stated, “[u]pwards of 10,000 of our customer retirement accounts will be relegated to a ‘no advice service’ desk as they are too small for the risks imposed by the DOL or too costly to place in an advisory account.” See 115-ba16-wstate-jlombard-20170713.pdf.

  • Representing the Fund on the Brunel Client Group to develop Brunel investment strategies and policies which effectively support the interests of the Fund.

  • No.[It is never a good look for a witness to be ignorant of important information and then to “double down” by also being angry about it.

  • Subsidies spent on JOBS/Choices and CPS families gradually declined over the entire study period.54 Figure 1: Total Subsidies Over Time By Major Client Group Income- EligibleFood Stamps JOBS/Choices TransitionalCPS and Former CPS$70Millions of Dollars$60$50$40$30$20$10$0FFY 1994 FFY 1995 FFY 1996 FFY 1997 The shift in subsidy allocations over time was accompanied by a similar shift in the total share of service months among the major client groups served by CCMS.

  • He reports to the Director of Global Client Group of Standard Life Investments Limited.

More Definitions of Client Group

Client Group means any CLIENT, its CO-VENTURERS, its and their respective AFFILIATES, and its and their respective directors, officers and employees (including agency personnel).
Client Group means Client and Client’s Affiliates listed in the Sales Order who are authorized to receive the Services.
Client Group. Means the persons satisfying the criteria specified in Item 4 of Appendix 2.
Client Group means Client and Client’s Affiliates who are receiving Services under this Agreement pursuant to a Sales Order.
Client Group means a subsidiary of the Client Party, any holding company of the Client Party, and any subsidiary of such holding company. The terms “subsidiary” and “holding company” shall have the meaning given in s1159 Companies Act 2006.
Client Group means the CLIENT, its AFFILIATES, its and their contractors of any tier, its and their respective directors, officers, employees and AGENTS, its and their agency personnel, consultants and invitees, but shall not include any member of the VERIPOS GROUP.
Client Group means, in the context of allocation of Expanded Investment Opportunities of limited capacity, those clients who have signed the 1818 Program Agreement and are not part of the partner-group.