DBS Group definition

DBS Group means DBS Bank Ltd, its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches and related companies.
DBS Group means any of DBS’s subsidiaries, DBS’s holding company and any subsidiaries of DBS’s holding company;
DBS Group means DBS Bank India Limited and its subsidiaries.

Examples of DBS Group in a sentence

  • The research analyst(s) responsible for this report operates as part of a separate and independent team to the investment banking function of the DBS Group and procedures are in place to ensure that confidential information held by either the research or investment banking function is handled appropriately.

  • There is no direct link of DBS Group's compensation to any specific investment banking function of the DBS Group.

  • DBS Group has procedures in place to eliminate, avoid and manage any potential conflicts of interests that may arise in connection with the production of research reports.

  • The DBS Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect and/or consequential loss (including any claims for loss of profit) arising from any use of and/or reliance upon this document and/or further communication given in relation to this document.

  • The DBS Group, along with its affiliates and/or persons associated with any of them may from time to time have interests in the securities mentioned in this document.

More Definitions of DBS Group

DBS Group means DBS Group Holdings Ltd and its affiliates.
DBS Group means DBS Bank Ltd., its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches and related companies.
DBS Group means DBS Xxxxxxx and its related and associated corporations and entities.
DBS Group means DBS, its Affiliates, its suppliers and subcontractors, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, contract workers and agents.
DBS Group means any subsidiary of ours, Owner’s holding company and any subsidiary of that holding company. “Risk management purposes” includes any conflict clearance exercise;
DBS Group means us and our related corporations.
DBS Group shall have the meaning set forth in Section 14.4.2(b). Debt shall mean, with respect to any Person at any time, (a) indebtedness or liability of such Person for borrowed money whether or not evidenced by bonds, debentures, notes or other instruments, or for the deferred purchase price of property or services; (b) obligations of such Person as lessee under leases which should have been or should be, in accordance with GAAP, recorded as capital leases; (c) current liabilities of such Person in respect of unfunded vested benefits under plans covered by Title IV of ERISA; (d) obligations issued for, or liabilities incurred on the account of, such Person; (e) obligations or liabilities of such Person arising under letters of credit, credit facilities or other acceptance facilities; (f) obligations of such Person under any guarantees or other agreement to become secondarily liable for any obligation of any other Person, endorsements (other than for collection or deposit in the ordinary course of business) and other contingent obligations to purchase, to provide funds for payment, to supply funds to invest in any Person or otherwise to assure a creditor against loss; (g) obligations of such Person secured by any Lien on any property of such Person, whether or not the obligations have been assumed by such Person; or (h) obligations of such Person under any interest rate or currency exchange agreement. Debt Service shall mean, with respect to any particular period of time, scheduled interest payments under the Note.