Permitted Assigns Sample Clauses

Permitted Assigns. This agreement will enure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and upon their respective successors, permitted assigns and other legal representatives.
Permitted Assigns. Either party may assign its rights or obligations under this License Agreement without the other party’s consent to a Related Body Corporate or a purchaser or successor of all or substantially all of that party’s business, provided that the assignor shall be, and remain, responsible for the performance of its obligations under this License Agreement.
Permitted Assigns. Section 14 Permitted Encumbrances. Section 1.4(e) Permitted Lapsed Option Reissuance. Section 1.4(b) Person. Section 2.26(n) PFIC. Section 2.26(d) PFIC Annual Information Statement. Section 2.26(e) PHC. Section 2.26(d)
Permitted Assigns. This Agreement may be assigned, in whole, but not in part, to an entity owned or controlled by Purchaser, with Seller’s consent which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed; provided, however, no such assignment shall release Purchaser from its obligations hereunder.
Permitted Assigns. Exel (and Exel's members upon distribution of warrants by Exel to its members) shall have the right to assign any portion of the Warrants (a) to Paul Verrochi, Dominic Puopolo, Don Glazer and Don Boyles and (b) xx xxxxxx xlsx xx xxxxxxxxx by xxx (xxxxh assxxxxxxx xxx xx made by any of the persons listed in (a) above). Any person or entity that owns any Warrants is herein referred to as a "Holder." In the event of the death of any Holder, then such Warrants shall be exercisable by the heirs of such Holder pursuant to the terms hereunder. IN THE EVENT OF AN ASSIGNMENT TO ANYONE OTHER THAN AMERICAN BUSINESS PARTNERS LLC AND THOSE LISTED IN (A) ABOVE OR THEIR HEIRS, COACH SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT FOR TWENTY BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO SUCH ASSIGNMENT TO ACQUIRE ANY SUCH WARRANTS PROPOSED FOR ASSIGNMENT UPON THE SAME TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS PROPOSED BY ANY SUCH TRANSFEREE.
Permitted Assigns. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary (i) the Purchaser reserves the right to name a transferee other than the named Purchaser for the purposes of the transfer of the Shares in the Companies and any related instruments of transfer and certificates, in which case the named transferee together with the Purchaser shall collectively be regarded as the Purchaser in this Transaction, and (ii) the Vendor reserves the right to name a payee other than the named Vendor for the purposes of receiving any payment due from the Purchaser under this Contract. Nothing contained in this clause 7.11.1 shall limit the obligations of the Purchaser under this Contract.
Permitted Assigns. Except as otherwise expressly provided in ----------------- Section 1.13 above, the rights and obligations of an Investor hereunder may be ------------ assigned only to (a) an Affiliate (as defined in Rule 405 promulgated under the Act), limited partner or general partner of an Investor, or another Investor, but in each instance only when such Investor's shares of Series A Preferred Stock are then being transferred to such assignee, or (b) such other person or entity to whom or which such Investor's shares of Series A Preferred Stock are then being transferred, but subject in the instance of this clause (b) to the prior written consent of the Company (which consent may not be unreasonably withheld).
Permitted Assigns. No Originator may assign any of its rights hereunder or any interest herein without the prior written consent of the Company, except as otherwise herein specifically provided. This Agreement shall create and constitute the continuing obligations of the parties hereto in accordance with its terms, and shall remain in full force and effect until such time as the parties hereto shall agree. The rights and remedies with respect to any breach of any representation and warranty made by any Originator pursuant to ARTICLE V and the indemnification and payment provisions of ARTICLE IX and SECTION 10.6 shall be continuing and shall survive any termination of this Agreement.
Permitted Assigns. Mitsxxxxxx xxx not assign this Agreement, or any of the rights or benefits provided hereunder, or delegate any of its duties hereunder, except with the express written permission of Tiffxxx, xxich may be withheld or granted in its sole discretion; provided, however, Mitsxxxxxx xxxll have the right at any time, to assign, in whole or in part, the Percentage Payments at any time payable hereunder to such assignee or assignees as may be designated by Mitsxxxxxx xx a written notice to Tiffxxx. Xx the event of such assignment of the Percentage Payments, Tiffxxx xxxll pay to Mitsxxxxxx'x xesignee at the address mentioned in any such notice for the period covered by such assignment each installment of the Percentage Payments when due, subject to the terms of this Agreement. Tiffxxx xxx xxx assign this Agreement, or any of the rights or benefits provided hereunder, or delegate any of its duties hereunder, except with the express written permission of Mitsxxxxxx, xxich may be withheld or granted in its sole discretion.