The League definition

The League means the body deemed to be incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 as The Returned Services League of Australia, W.A. Branch (Incorporated);
The League means The Football League Limited.
The League means the Football Association Premier League Limited;

Examples of The League in a sentence

  • The League may adjudicate upon any dispute in accordance with its rules in force at the time.

  • The League, in its sole discretion, can disqualify a Team Manager, Team Member or Team for a first offense if the action of the Team Manager, Team Member or Team is deemed egregious enough to be worthy of disqualification by the League.

  • The League reserves the right to refuse entry or continued participation in the Match to any Team Member who does not comply with the apparel rules.

  • The League Manager will have discretion to shorten match lengths in cases of extraordinary circumstances.

  • The League Year shall be January 1 through December 31, except that the USTA League Committee may authorize the commencement of a local league season prior to January 1, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Committee.

More Definitions of The League

The League means the body being a party to this Contract and described as the League on the first page of this Contract.
The League means the football league of which the Club is a member from time to time;
The League. : means an association of football clubs participating in organised completion under the aegis of the Association and subordinate to the Association.
The League means the football league of which the Club is a member from time to time. "the League Rules" shall mean the rules or regulations from time to time in force of the League. "Manager" shall mean the official of the Club responsible for selecting the Club's first team.
The League means the league formed by these rules and shall be called "The HHA Junior League".
The League means the League formed by the Rules. It shall be called “The West of England & South Wales Men’s Hockey League” or by such title as may bedeemed appropriate by the Committee to reflect sponsorship of the League.“The National League”Shall mean the League organised by England Hockey.“The Rules”Shall mean the rules of the League.“The Committee”Shall mean the committee created by the Rules to administer the League.“The RSC”Shall mean the Rules Sub Committee created by the Rules to adjudicate onmatch decisions“The ASC”Shall mean the Appeals Sub Committee created by the Rules to hear appealson RSC decisions.“The Council”Shall mean the Council of the WHA.“Participating County”Shall mean any County Hockey Association affiliated to the WHA,provided there is at least one team in the League which is affiliated to that County Association.“The League Secretary”Shall mean the Secretary of the Committee.“The Premier Area Secretary”Shall mean the person responsible for the administration of the Premiership,Championship & Conference Divisions“The Area Secretary”Shall mean the Premier Area Secretary, the De Cymru & The Marches AreaSecretary, the Central Area Secretary or the South Area Secretary as appropriate.“The Match Card Secretary”Shall mean the person who is appointed by the Committee to receive allmatch cards and ensure they are properly completed.“The Results and Distribution Administrator”Shall mean the person who is appointed by the Committee to receive results of League matches and to distribute them to the Committee, media andother appropriate persons and to maintain the results and League division tables on the League website.“District Division”Shall mean the Divisions in Tiers designated as such by the Committee.“Lower XI”Shall mean a team which is not a 1st XI.“Club”Shall mean any club which has at least one team participating in the League,except where the context requires otherwise.“League Week”Shall be defined as the Wednesday before the scheduled game to the following Tuesday.
The League means The FA Women’s Super League.