Princeton definition

Princeton means Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.
Princeton means the City of Princeton, Texas, a contracting party.

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They shall not hold Princeton University liable for any loss or damages resulting from the use of information in the archive.

Princeton University assumes no liability for any errors or omissions with respect to the functioning of the archive.

Although all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information collected, Princeton University does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or other characteristics of any material available online.

Republication or display on a third party’s website requires the express written permission of the Princeton University Innovations for Successful Societies program or the Princeton University Library.

Innovations for Successful Societies (ISS) is a joint program of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs and the Bobst Center for Peace & Justice.

The terms constitute a legal agreement between any person who seeks to use information available at and Princeton University.

Although all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information collected, Princeton University does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or other characteristics of any material available online.

Princeton University requires adherence to CAD standards and specific formats for certain drawing elements (e.g., equipment, finish, and door schedules).

BIM files, when applicable, will be posted on Princeton University’s BIM360Glue platform.

Accordingly, the Contractor shall submit a Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan for approval by Princeton University at the beginning of the submittal and review period (or earlier when applicable).

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Princeton has the meaning given thereto in the recitals to the Agreement.
Princeton has the meaning set forth in the recitals of fact above.
Princeton means the Trustees of Princeton Universi- ty.
Princeton includes its Trustees, Officers, Agents, Employees and Students and "LICENSEE" includes its Affiliates, Contractors and Sub-Contractors.
Princeton means the Trustees of Princeton University.

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Beach or “beach area” means that portion of state parks or recreation areas designated for swimming activity including the sand, a 200-foot buffer of land surrounding the sand or a designated area which is fenced in, and the water area contiguous to the beach as marked by swim buoys or swim lines.
Drive means to drive, operate, or be in physical control of a motor vehicle.
Crosswalk means that part of a roadway at an intersection included within the connections of the lateral lines of the sidewalks on opposite sides of the highway measured from the curbs or, in the absence of curbs, from the edges of the traversable roadway; or any portion of a roadway at an intersection or elsewhere distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other markings on the surface.
Parkway means the area between a sidewalk and the curb or traffic lane. It may be planted or unplanted, and with or without pedestrian egress.
Parkland means any publicly owned land which is designated or used as a public park, recreation area, wildlife or waterfowl refuge or historic site.
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Highway means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
Terrace means an area to which occupants of a building have access, created on a flat roof over a portion of the building, resulting from the setting back of part of the building above that portion;
Boulevard means that portion of a highway between the curb lines or the lateral lines of a roadway and the adjoining property or roadway, and includes curbs, sidewalks and ditches.
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Park or “parking” means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers.
Lake means a body of standing inland surface water.
First Nation for the purposes of this Agreement, is an Indian Band Council duly constituted under the federal Indian Act or an aboriginal governing body authorized under the terms of a treaty duly ratified by the provincial and federal governments.
Shoreland means land, as defined in Minn. Stat. § 103F.205, subd. 4, located within 1,000 feet from the normal high water mark of a lake, pond, or flowage and 300 feet of a river or stream or the landward side of floodplain delineated by ordinance on such a river or stream, whichever is greater.
one-way street means a street upon which vehicular traffic is limited to movement in one direction;
Spring means a source of water where an aquifer comes in contact with the ground surface.
WOT means the date by which all intraoffice wiring is completed, all plug-ins optioned and aligned, frame continuity established, and the interoffice facilities, if applicable, are tested. This includes the date that switching equipment, including translation loading, is installed and tested.
CT means Connecticut
MD means Michael S. Dell.
Street frontage means that portion of a building site that has a common line with a street right-of-way line. The street frontage is designated as the front property line.
Gateway means a review which may be conducted by or for a government department into whether or not a programme, project or any activity is making progress in line with agreed objectives;
Greenfield means land not developed beyond agricultural, range, or forestry use.
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CORA means the Colorado Open Records Act, §§24-72-200.1, et. seq., C.R.S.
EMMA means the Electronic Municipal Market Access system as described in 1934 Act Release No. 59062 and maintained by the MSRB for purposes of the Rule.