Gateway definition

Gateway means the BT electronic gateway, used for all ordering or fault reporting as described in the relevant section of the Handbook;
Gateway means a review which may be conducted by or for a government department into whether or not a programme, project or any activity is making progress in line with agreed objectives;
Gateway means a prominent entrance to or exit from an urban area or a specific part of an urban area consisting of man-made or natural features and creating a strong sense of arrival or departure;

Examples of Gateway in a sentence

  • Access is provided through the Local Exchange Navigation System (LENS) interface and the Telecommunications Access Gateway (TAG) interface.

  • If any of the Store(s) process transactions in a currency other than the Applicable Currency, then for the purposes of calculating Platform Fees and any applicable Transaction Fees, the monetary value in the Applicable Currency of each Eligible Platform Transaction and Eligible Gateway Transaction will be determined using the currency conversion rate in effect at the time that such Eligible Platform Transaction or Eligible Gateway Transaction is processed by the Store.

  • Transaction Fees will be calculated for each Eligible Gateway Transaction processed by a Store during the period that Shopify Payments is not enabled for such Store.

  • Westwood Gateway II (Loan No. 4) The related Mortgage Loan documents do not use the exact phrase “intentional material physical waste at the Mortgaged Property” and the recourse liability of the related guarantor with respect to waste is generally limited to when there is sufficient cash flow from the operation of the Mortgaged Property to avoid such waste from occurring.

  • Westwood Gateway II (Loan No. 4) The losses carveout for misappropriation of rents after an event of default, security deposits, insurance proceeds or condemnation awards is limited to intentional misapplication by the related Mortgagor.

More Definitions of Gateway

Gateway means the point of entry into or exit from the South African flight information region;
Gateway means any equipment containing a SIM Card which enables the routing of calls from fixed apparatus to mobile equipment by establishing a mobile to mobile call or data connection;
Gateway means any centralized electronic information system by which public information shall be
Gateway means the passenger's first point of arrival or last point of departure in areas no. 1, 2 or 3.
Gateway means the equipment that provides the function of protocol transition and system interconnection.
Gateway the BT electronic gateway, used for ordering as described more fully in the Product Description;
Gateway means the email gateway through which emails will be routed.