Gateway definition

Gateway means a review which may be conducted by or for a government department into whether or not a programme, project or any activity is making progress in line with agreed objectives;
Gateway means a prominent entrance to or exit from an urban area or a specific part of an urban area consisting of man-made or natural features and creating a strong sense of arrival or departure;
Gateway means the BT electronic gateway, used for all ordering or fault reporting as described in the relevant section of the Handbook;

Examples of Gateway in a sentence

Motion to approve Work Authorization dated December 11, 2019 from Gateway Engineers, Inc.

Refer to the Envoy Communications Gateway Installation and Operation Manual at for instructions.

The Mersey Gateway nature reserve will be a main delivery mechanism for this Area of Focus.

The 'Gateway' process is mandatory to follow if seeking to commission or procure Goods, Services or Works over £4k in value.

Colley Road would be improved from Willowbrook Road to Gateway Boulevard to a four-lane urban section.

More Definitions of Gateway

Gateway. (ALI Gateway) is a telephone company computer facility that interfaces with Pac-West's 911 administrative site to receive ALI data from Pac-West. Access to the Gateway will be via a dial-up modem using a common protocol.
Gateway means the point of entry into or exit from the South African flight information region;
Gateway means a x86 or Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor-based system used for decoupling. One side of the system connects to physical network interfaces for industrial communications or modern wireless Internet (IoT) communications, and the other side of the system connects to traditional Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet.
Gateway means data center space owned or leased by Level 3 or any of its Affiliates for the purpose of, among other things, locating and colocating communications equipment.
Gateway means the passenger's first point of arrival or last point of departure in areas no. 1, 2 or 3.