Boulevard definition

Boulevard means the area between the street line and the nearest edge of a roadway and/or the area separating the roadways or a divided highway.
Boulevard means all the parts of the roadway save and except any roadway, shoulder or sidewalk and:
Boulevard means that portion of a highway between the curb lines or the lateral boundary lines of a roadway and the adjoining property or between curbs on median strips or islands, but does not include curbs, sidewalks, ditches, or driveways.

Examples of Boulevard in a sentence

  • A couple of key points include: 12’ path for the majority of the corridor (Betton Road to Metropolitan Boulevard).

  • Improved sight triangles for residences and business along the corridor due to the removal of the bike lane.A crossing at Woodgate Way and Thomasville Road (on the southern leg – east to west) with a pedestrian island.A path (instead of a sidewalk) from Live Oak Plantation to Metropolitan Boulevard, andNo impacts to any significant trees in the corridor.

  • If youhave any comments concerning the accuracy of the time estimate(s) or suggestions for improving the form, please write to: CMS, 7500 Security Boulevard, Attn: PRA Report Clearance Officer, Mail Stop C4-26-05, Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850.Please do not send applications, claims, payments, medical records or any documents containing sensitive information to the PRA Reports Clearance Office.

  • To email your submission, attach documents as PDFs and send to To submit by U.S. mail, address printed documents to MnDOT Office of Civil Rights, 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Boulevard, Mail Stop 170, St. Xxxx, MN 55155.

  • Single-family residential land uses are located behind the retail and service stores on both side of Wilshire Boulevard.

More Definitions of Boulevard

Boulevard means the portion of a street on either side of a roadway but does not include a sidewalk, median or traffic island;
Boulevard means that part of the highway situated between the curb line and the property line of the lot abutting the highway, but does not include a sidewalk or shoulder.
Boulevard means the area between the curbs, lateral lines, or the shoulder of a street and the adjacent property line and includes a sidewalk;
Boulevard means the area between the back of a curb and edge of a separate sidewalk;
Boulevard means that part of a Highway that is not used, or intended to be used, for vehicular travel by the general public, and is situated between the travelled portion of the road and the adjoining property line, including the 0.3 metre reserve, where applicable;
Boulevard means that portion of a highway between the curb lines or lateral lines of the roadway and the adjoining property line exclusive of the sidewalk.
Boulevard means all of those portions of a highway not occupied by roadway.