Parkland definition

Parkland means any and all land owned by or made available by lease, agreement or otherwise to the City that:
Parkland means all recreational land owned or controlled by the Village, lying within Village limits, and whether improved in whole or in part, and includes natural areas, all bicycle or hiking trails, neighborhood beautification areas, publicly maintained areas administered by the Village Parks Department, and includes all buildings or other improvements situated on these land areas.

Examples of Parkland in a sentence

  • At this same Mock Trial, the new documentary, “The Parkland Doctors,” was screened.

  • Multiple witnesses at Parkland (including a policeman and a physician) saw a through and through hole in the windshield.

  • Up to nine Parkland physicians saw cerebellar tissue that day, including at least two neurosurgeons.

  • An easier way to begin though is with Reclaiming Parkland (2013) by James DiEugenio.

  • Students at Parkland High School ended up not being prepared, even though they practiced specific emergency drills.

More Definitions of Parkland

Parkland means any property, whether developed or not, owned, controlled or maintained by the City that is:
Parkland means carrying out operational works related to the provision of parkland infrastructure;
Parkland means any publicly owned land which is designated or used as a public park, recreation area, wild- life or waterfowl refuge or historic site.23 CFR Ch. I (4–1–11 Edition)
Parkland means Parkland Fuel Corporation and its affiliates.
Parkland means any public place, whether developed or not, that is intended to be used by members of the public for recreation or general enjoyment and contains:
Parkland means Parkland as defined in the Strathcona County General Parks Bylaw 30-92 as amended or repealed from time to time.