Parkland definition

Parkland means any and all land owned by or made available by lease, agreement or otherwise to the City that:
Parkland means an enclosed area of land at least 3 hectares in extent with a minimum of two mature trees per hectare;

Examples of Parkland in a sentence

BROWARD COUNTY PLANNING COUNCIL - APPOINTMENT - MAYOR SAL PAGLIARA, CITY OF PARKLAND (25) On motion of Commissioner Hart, seconded by Commissioner Cowan and unanimously carried, the Board approved appointment of Mayor Sal Pagliara, City of Parkland, to the Broward County Planning Council.

More Definitions of Parkland

Parkland means any land used as a playground or recreation area and includes any park, parkway or square.
Parkland means all recreational land owned or controlled by the village, lying within village limits, and whether improved in whole or in part, and includes natural areas, all bicycle or hiking trails, neighborhood beautification areas, publicly maintained areas administered by the village Parks Department, and includes all buildings or other improvements situated on these land areas.
Parkland means any public place, whether developed or not, that is intended to be used by members of the public for recreation or general enjoyment and contains:
Parkland means Parkland Fuel Corporation and its affiliates.
Parkland means land acquired, developed, and/or used for recreation and conservation purposes. “Recreation and conservation purposes” means the use of lands for parks, natural areas, forests,
Parkland means any developed or undeveloped property that is owned, controlled or maintained by the County and is intended to be used by members of the public for recreation purposes, and is: