Spring definition

Spring means a source of water where an aquifer comes in contact with the ground surface.
Spring means the land to which water rises naturally from below the ground and the land over which the water then flows.
Spring means a spring of water naturally rising to and flowing over the surface of land, but does not include the discharge of underground water directly into a watercourse, wetland, reservoir or other body of water;

Examples of Spring in a sentence

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  • Programs not meeting these requirementsCreated: Spring 2008; Last Modified: 11/25/2015may request a waiver which will be reviewed jointly by the appropriate Program Director and Dean of Career & Technical Education.These requirements will take effect July 1, 2010 (or as the Specific Program Requirements are approved) for all new programs.

  • Students are responsible for arranging a meeting with their Advisory Committee at the end of each semester (no later than November 1st and April 1st for the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively), to review their scholastic performance and to discuss their coursework and laboratory rotations for the coming semester.

  • N is the number of institutions in the comparison group.SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): Spring 2016, Fall Enrollment component.

  • Students must take great care to confirm they are entering hours under the correct Quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), and the correct course (Practicum or Internship I, II, or III).

More Definitions of Spring

Spring means an area of concentrated groundwater dis- charge occurring at the surface of the land that results in a flow of at least one cubic foot per second at least 80 percent of the time.
Spring means a hot, sweet, geothermal or mineral pool, spa or bath fed by groundwater from an aquifer;
Spring means a point where ground water emerges onto the earth’s surface, including under any surface water of the state, excluding seeps. The term “spring” shall include karst windows, a depression opening that reveals portions of a subterranean flow or the unroofed portion of a cave.
Spring means a place where subterranean water naturally flows from a rock or soil upon the land or into a body of surface water;
Spring means an area of ground water outflow onto the land surface or into a stream channel; flows are greater than a seep.
Spring means water naturally rising to and flowing over the surface of land.