Spring definition

Spring means the land to which water rises naturally from below the ground and the land over which the water then flows.
Spring means a source of water where an aquifer comes in contact with the ground surface.
Spring means a place where, without planned intervention of man, water flows from consolidated rock or unconsolidated material on land or into a body of surface water such as a lake, stream, or river. A spring shall have the same protection requirements as a dug well.

Examples of Spring in a sentence

MEA Supplemental Cameron CoutcherWeight Training - HS - Spring Roll Call: Balcerzak, Aye; Campos, Aye; Piechowiak, Aye; Wiley, Aye; Wolff, Aye; The president then declared the motion carried.

Fall, Winter & Spring Academic Breaks:The campus is open for break camps during the fall, winter and spring academic breaks.

School shall be dismissed at 2:00 p.m. on the day preceding Thanksgiving, and Winter & Spring vacations.

Zillow | T rulia, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016Consulting: Android Mobile Interaction Design • Design native Android interaction specifications for the Zillow Rental Manager app.

PLATES - Spring clamp plates (escutcheons) shall be provided where pipes are exposed in finish locations of the building and run through walls, floors or ceiling.

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Spring means March 1st until the final date of the local, conference, district, regional, or State tournament.
Spring means a perennial hydrologic occurrence of water involving the natural flow of water originating from beneath the land surface and arising to the surface of the ground.
Spring means a source of water where the aquifer comes in contact with the land surface.
Spring means a spring of water naturally rising to and flowing over the surface of land, but does not include the discharge of underground water directly into a watercourse, wetland, reservoir or other body of water;
Spring means an area of ground water outflow onto the land surface or into a stream channel; flows are greater than a seep.
Spring means water naturally rising to and flowing over the surface of land.
Spring means a point where ground water emerges onto the earth’s surface, including under any surface water of the state, excluding seeps. The term “spring” shall include karst windows, a depression opening that reveals portions of a subterranean flow or the unroofed portion of a cave.