Definition of Premises Square Footage

Premises Square Footage means the approximate floor area of the Premises and, if the Building has a common lobby or other internal common features, then, at Landlord's option, an additional factor approximating the total square footage of such common lobby and features times the ratio of Tenant's floor area to the total square footage of the Building, as determined by Landlord's Architect. The Premises Square Footage as of the execution of this Lease is set forth in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions.

Examples of Premises Square Footage in a sentence

Tenant will never, under any circumstances, be entitled to a reduction in the amount of any letter of credit being held by Landlord if an Event of Default has occurred and is then continuing, irrespective of any reduction in the Demised Premises Square Footage.
If Landlord desires to exercise its option to reduce the Demised Premises Square Footage pursuant to this Section 2.3, Landlord must give to Tenant written notice of such exercise not less than one hundred (120) calendar days preceding the date on which Landlord desires the reduction to be effective (which may not, in any event, be earlier than the first day of the fifth (5th) Lease Month).
Landlord reserves the right to change its layout, design and plans for the Lot and Leasehold Parking Area and for parking and roadways thereon at any time and to add to or reduce the size of the Lot; provided that no reduction in the size of the Lot may adversely affect the Building or the number of parking spaces made available to Tenant under this Lease (namely 4 spaces per thousand square feet contained in the Premises Square Footage) or access ways serving the Buildings.
Effective as of the Commencement Date for the 5 Jenner Premises, Subparagraph (g) shall be deleted in its entirety and the following shall be substituted in lieu thereof: "(g) Premises Square Footage: Approximately 38,199 comprising 33,075 square feet at 3 Jenner Street and 5,124 square feet at 5 Jenner Street." 3.
LESSEE acknowledges and agrees that for the purposes of this Lease, the square footage of the Premises (the "Premises Square Footage") shall be five hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred ninety two (514,792) square feet and that such square footage figure shall not be subject to revision except with an actual physical change in the Premises.