Casing definition

Casing means a pipe or tubing of appropriate material, of varying diameter and weight, lowered into a borehole during or after drilling in order to support the sides of the hole and thus prevent the walls from caving, to prevent loss of drilling mud into porous ground, or to prevent water, gas, or other fluid from entering or leaving the hole.
Casing means pipe or tubing constructed of materials and having dimensions and weights as specified in the rules of this Subchapter, that is installed in a borehole during or after completion of the borehole to support the side of the hole and thereby prevent caving, to allow completion of a well, to prevent formation material from entering the well, to prevent the loss of drilling fluids into permeable formations, and to prevent entry of contamination.

Examples of Casing in a sentence

  • Casing of holes filled by pumping on adjacent holes must be removed as soon as possible but not more than 24 hours after the hole is completed.

  • Step One - Applying Casing Bead with Weep Holes to the Substrate 1.

  • Casing may be reused if it has not been used as a grout or foamed sand conduit.

  • Bid Item Reference No. 1006 (1) and 1006 (3) specify Dry Augering with Casing and Carrier Pipe, and Slurry Augering Carrier Pipe without Casing, respectively.

  • Our Casing Drive System™ was the first in the business, and offers a safer and more efficient way to run casing with fewer personnel and minimized risk of non– productive time.

More Definitions of Casing

Casing means a tubular, water tight structure installed in the excavated or drilled hole to maintain the well opening and, along with cementing, to confine the groundwaters to their zones of origin and to prevent the entrance of surface pollutants.
Casing means a pipe or tubing of varying diameter and weight, which is installed into a well to maintain the structural integrity of that well.
Casing means a larger pipe enclosing a carrier.
Casing means an impervious watertight durable primary or secondary pipe that is permanently placed in a well and is used to prevent the walls from caving, exclude surface drainage, undesirable water or other fluids, or unwanted or harmful materials from a well.
Casing means pipe placed in a wellbore to provide hole stability, isolate and protect groundwater, enhance wellbore integrity, isolate oil and gas formations, and provide pressure integrity.
Casing means the tubular material used to shut off or exclude a stratum or strata other than the source bed and conduct water from only the source bed to the surface.