Rework definition

Rework means an operation conducted in the wellbore of a well after it is Completed to secure, restore, or improve production in a Zone which is currently open to production in the wellbore. Such operations include, but are not limited to, well stimulation operations but exclude any routine repair or maintenance work or drilling, Sidetracking, Deepening, Completing, Recompleting, or Plugging Back of a well.
Rework and “Reworking” means subjecting a Product to one or more processing steps that are different from the established Manufacturing Process.
Rework means clean, unadulterated food that has been removed from processing for reasons other than insanitary conditions or that has been successfully reconditioned by reprocessing and that is suitable for use as food.

Examples of Rework in a sentence

The Permittee shall record all alterations and workovers on a Well Rework Record (EPA Form 7520 -19) and submit a revised well construction diagram when the well construction has been modified.

On a total basis this is a decrease of RFIs of 37%. Re-work: The subcontractor reported that because of the well-coordinated planning process(including clash detection) prior to execution it led to detailed pre-manufacturing work that led to a reduction of labor cost onsite of 50%. Construction process schedule: With the support of the 4D model and therefore possible simulationsof the construction process, the project schedule was greatly improved.

More Definitions of Rework

Rework means to obtain finished dairy products suitable for sale from used, imperfect, or discarded dairy products or ingredients.
Rework and other derivatives shall be construed accordingly.
Rework means any additional steps that are not part of the manufacturing formula, taken to process a batch to bring the batch into conformance with the specifications and which will not alter the safety, identity, strength, quality or purity of the drug product beyond the established requirements.
Rework items categorized as Medium by CoreLogic. Flood mapping includes (data download, map reading, georeferencing, production, DOQQ Verification, QC & upload) for city and costal areas with medium dense flood zones. TBD TBD Monthly 0% Baseline Total amount of hours spent executing medium density flood mapping / Total number of medium density pannels successfully completed during the monitoring interval*** TBD