Decontamination definition

Decontamination means the use of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate, or destroy bloodborne pathogens on a surface or item to the point where the pathogens are no longer capable of transmitting infectious particles and the surface or item is rendered safe for handling, use, or disposal.
Decontamination means a process that attempts to remove or reduce to an acceptable level a contaminant exceeding an allowable threshold set forth in these Rules in a harvest batch or production batch.
Decontamination means a procedure whereby health measures are taken to eliminate an infectious or toxic agent or matter on a human or animal body surface, in or on a product prepared for consumption or on other inanimate objects, including conveyances, that may constitute a public health risk;

Examples of Decontamination in a sentence

  • Decontamination, if necessary, should be done by appropriate certified personnel.

  • Improving the Effectiveness of Decontamination of Structures and People Following Chemical and Biological Incidents.

  • Decontamination can be achieved by treating with chemical disinfectants or by steam autoclaving.

  • Robust procedures and a dedicated decontamination room must be in place to minimise the risk of infection transmission to patients, visitors and staff in line with Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices, (HTM 01-05), published by the Department of Health.

  • Decontamination procedures consist of washing the recruit's face and skin with water and milk, as well as the application of a baking soda paste.

More Definitions of Decontamination

Decontamination means rendering medical waste safe for routine handling as solid waste.
Decontamination means the process of neutralization or removal of dangerous substances or other contaminants from regulated marijuana without changing the product type of the Regulated Marijuana.
Decontamination means treatment or removal of contamination by a decontamination specialist or owner of record to reduce concentrations of contaminants below the decontamination standards.
Decontamination means to remove, as far as is reasonably practicable, all inanimate objects or infectious organic matter by way of sweeping, cleaning, washing, ventilating or any other process aimed at removing the contaminant;
Decontamination means the reduction or removal of radioactive substances from particular parts of the living environment, from people, clothes, equipment and objects.
Decontamination means the removal of hazardous substances from employees and their equipment to the extent necessary to preclude the occurrence of foreseeable adverse health effects.
Decontamination means the physical or chemical process of reducing contamination and preventing the spread of contamination from persons and equipment at biological or chemical agent incidents.