Open Tender definition

Open Tender means a one stage Tender process whereby any party may submit a Tender.
Open Tender means the process of publicly inviting offers to supply goods or provide services involving specifications and detailed documentation.
Open Tender means a tender which is open to all parties to make offers;

Examples of Open Tender in a sentence

The effect of such an order would be that the Agency would not be qualified for competing in Open Tender Enquiries or Limited Tender Enquiries till the period mentioned in the order.

The effect of such an order would be that the Entity would not be disqualified from competing in Open Tender Enquiries, but would not be considered for limited tender enquiries.

Open Tender: This is where all potential suppliers are invited to tender.

There shall be compulsory registration of agents for all global (Open) Tender and limited Tender.

The tenderer should have annual turnover for a minimum value as mentioned in the Open Tender Notice in any one of the preceding five financial years.

More Definitions of Open Tender

Open Tender means tenders invited through advertisement in open and public manner and with adequate notice.
Open Tender or “Open tendering” means: A Tender involving publishing an open approach to market and inviting submissions.
Open Tender means a tender that is advertised to the entire market via an open invitation process e.g. SA Tenders website accompanied by an advertisement.
Open Tender means tenders invited in open and public manner and with adequate notice.
Open Tender means a procedure which includes offers by all economic operators willing to participate at the tender. The contracting authority shall beforehand publish, subject to the requirements set out in the Law, an adequate participation invitation and shall make available the tender documents to economic operators (Article 35, Law No. 96-XVI of 13 April 2007). The structure and contents of the tender documents is provided by in the standard documentation approved by the Government. The fee that the contracting authority may collect for tender documents includes only expenditures related to their printing and delivery to the economic operator (Article 36-37, Law No. 96-XVI of 13 April 2007). Currently, the price of a package of tender documentation (the scope of work) is fixed at a rate of MDL 200 (US$16).2 The economic operator's offer is valid up to the deadline specified in the tender documents. Unless otherwise provided in the tender documents, the bidder may amend or withdraw its offer before the expiration of the deadline for submitting offers, without losing its deposit for the offer. The amount of the deposit for the offer shall not exceed three per cent of the estimated value of the procurement contract. Upon procurement of goods and works, the contracting authority shall request that the bidder submit, upon the time of the conclusion of the contract, an insurance of its performance. The amount of the insurance for contract performance shall not exceed 15 per cent of the estimated value of the procurement contract. Upon the procurement of goods of less than MDL 200,000 and works of less than MDL 1 million, the contracting authority is entitled not to request from the economic operator a deposit for the offer or an insurance for its execution. The contracting authority shall award the "economically most favourable offer", taking into consideration the preferential margins of 20 per cent provided pursuant to Article 5(2) of Law No. 96- XVI of 13 April 2007. In accordance with Article 45, the criteria of the "economically most favourable offer" are as follows:
Open Tender means a tender wherein there are minimum two (02) responses from two (02) different tenderers are received.
Open Tender means an invitat ion to Tender by public advertisement.