Call for Tenders definition

Call for Tenders means a contest for the award of a public contract made pursuant to a formal notice or an EU notice;
Call for Tenders means a call for competition made in a manner required or permitted by Article 11.
Call for Tenders means the Call for Tenders on the terms and conditions set forth in the TenderDocuments.

Examples of Call for Tenders in a sentence

Partnerships must jointly meet the administrative requirements set out in the Call for Tenders.

There is no commitment on the part of the Organisation to accept any Tender or part thereof that is received in response to the Call for Tenders.

The Organisation reserves the right to modify or cancel all or part of the Call for Tenders, should the need arise, without having to justify its actions and without such action conferring any right to compensation on Tenderers.

The Estimated Procurement Value for this Call for Tenders has been based on comprehensive research including appropriate financial analysis.

The contracting authority undertakes to process the personal data that are communicated to it in response to the Call for Tenders with the greatest care, in accordance with legislation on the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).

More Definitions of Call for Tenders

Call for Tenders means the present document.
Call for Tenders means a procedure calling for competitive tendering by several suppliers, inviting them to submit bids or tenders for services with a view to obtaining a contract; (appel d’offres)
Call for Tenders means the call for tenders, published by the Bank on  , for the selection of companies specialised in providing technical advice, assistance and support at various stages of the appraisal and monitoring process for the Bank’s loans.
Call for Tenders means the call for tenders, published by the Bank on , for Verification of the Bucharest Thermal Rehabilitation and Bucharest Energy Efficiency projects.
Call for Tenders means a public or invitational call for tenders required by
Call for Tenders means a competitive tendering procedure by which
Call for Tenders means the present call for tenders, published by the Bank.