COO definition

COO means a chief operating officer and any other individual who acts as chief operating officer for an issuer or acts in a similar capacity for the issuer;
COO means the Chief Operating Officer or their designee.

Examples of COO in a sentence

  • Acting COO to manage restructuring SDC Operations as well as daily depository operations.

  • The BPO Unit can request for release of advance of 10% of approved financial support as per IPA, after verification of COO by STPI, subject to furnishing Bank Guarantee of 10 % of approved financial support as per IPA valid for 3 years from commencement of operation and its verification by STPI.

  • Supplier is responsible for determining the appropriate customs country of origin ("COO") for the Equipment and for marking the Equipment in accordance with the requirements of any applicable regulations, such as Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011, US Customs Regulations, 19 CFR Part 177, etc., irrespective of the Incoterms under which the Equipment shipment is made.

  • Prior to that, Mr Hart was Executive Director COO of Equigold NL, responsible for the development and construction of the Bonikro Gold Project in Ivory Coast West Africa along with the management of the operation of the Mount Rawdon and Kirkalocka gold mines in Australia.

  • As part of this new organization, Danone is pleased to announce that Blaine McPeak, WhiteWave’s former Chief Operating Officer (COO), is appointed COO of DanoneWave effective as of the closing date.

More Definitions of COO

COO means the Chief Operating Officer of the Company.
COO means an individual who acted as chief operating officer of the Company, or acted in a similar capacity, for any part of the most recently completed financial year;
COO means the Chief Operating Officer of Quantum.