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Position means the grouping of specific duties and responsibilities assigned by an appointing authority that comprise a job to be performed by one employee. A position may be part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent, occupied or vacant, eligible or not eligible to be covered by a collective bargaining agreement, or covered or not covered by merit system provisions. Each position in the executive branch of state government shall be assigned one of the job classifications published in the classification plan.
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Position means Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer. (h)

Position means a square, circle, rectangle, or other geometric shape on a

Examples of Position in a sentence

Name Position with Banc of America Preferred Funding Corporation Principal Occupation John J.
Basis of Presentation Until a plan or plans of reorganization is confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court, the unaudited consolidated financial statements of the Company have been prepared using guidance prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' ("AICPA") Statement of Position 90-7 "Financial Reporting by Entities in Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code" ("SOP 90-7") and generally accepted accounting principles in the United States of America ("GAAP").
Types of Investment Management Practices Reserve Position A certain portion of fund assets will be held in reserves.
From Ex. 8 to QSI Mr. Gates Direct]1 CenturyLink/Qwest ("CLQ") Position [From CLQ Att.
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Statement of Position 90-7, "Financial Reporting by Entities in Reorganization under the Bankruptcy Code" ("SOP 90-7"), which is applicable to companies in chapter 11, generally does not change the manner in which financial statements are prepared.

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Position means a specific job requiring the full or part-time employment of one person. [L 1955, c 274, pt of SS1; RL 1955, SS3-11; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, SS11; am L 1965, c 54, SS1; HRS SS76-11; am L 1974, c 159, SS10; gen ch 1985; am L 1994, c 56, SS21; am L 2000, c 253, SS9]
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