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  • In addition, no later than two Business Days after the related Closing Date, Seller shall provide the Custodian and the Purchaser with a MERS Report listing the Purchaser as the Investor, the Custodian as custodian and no Person as Interim Funder with respect to each MERS Designated Mortgage Loan.

  • MERS Report: The report from the MERS System listing MERS Designated Mortgage Loans and other information.

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MERS Report. The report from the MERS® System listing MERS Loans and other information. MERS® System: The system of recording transfers of Mortgages electronically maintained by MERS. MIN: The Mortgage Identification Number for any MERS Loan. MIP: For any Mortgage Loan, the mortgage insurance premium payable in respect of the Federal Insurance related to such Mortgage Loan. MOM Loan: Any Mortgage Loan as to which MERS is acting as mortgagee, solely as nominee for the Originator of such Mortgage Loan and its successors and assigns. Moody’s: Xxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc. or its successor in interest. Mortgage: The mortgage, deed of trust or other instrument securing a Mortgage Note, which creates a first lien on an unsubordinated estate in fee simple in real property securing the Mortgage Note. Mortgage Assets: Collectively, the Mortgage Loans and the REO Properties. Mortgage File: With respect to each Mortgage Asset, the Collateral File and the Servicing File, referred to collectively. Mortgage Interest Rate: With respect to each Mortgage Loan and as of any date of determination, the annual rate that interest accrues on such Mortgage Loan from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the related Mortgage Note. Mortgage Loan: Each Reverse Mortgage Loan and HECM Loan subject of this Agreement. Mortgage Asset Schedule: The schedule of Mortgage Assets annexed to the Purchase Advice setting forth with respect to each Mortgage Asset the information required by the
MERS Report means the report from the MERS® System listing MERS Designated Mortgage Loans and other information.

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  • Assessment Report : means the assessment report referred to in Articles 32(2) and 33(3) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 drawn up by an independent third party fulfilling the requirements of ISO Standard 17011 or by a relevant competent authority, which includes information on document reviews, including the descriptions referred to in Articles 4(3)(b) and 11(3)(b) of this Regulation, on office audits, including critical locations and on risk-oriented witness audits conducted in representative third countries.

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  • Acoustic Assessment Report means the report, prepared in accordance with Publication NPC-233 and Appendix A of the Basic Comprehensive User Guide,by HGC Engineering and dated August 22, 2008 submitted in support of the application, that documents all sources of noise emissions and Noise Control Measures present at the Facility and includes all up-dated Acoustic Assessment Reports as required by the Documentation Requirements conditions of this Certificate to demonstrate continued compliance with the Performance Limits following the implementation of any Modification.

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  • City Ledger Report means a list submitted by the Contractor indicating on a daily basis its total number of sleeping room nights rented as well as the total number for sleeping rooms removed from its available inventory or rentals, for purposes of repair.

  • Servicer Report A report (substantially in the form of Schedule 5 hereto) or otherwise in form and substance acceptable to the Master Servicer and Securities Administrator on an electronic data file or tape prepared by the Servicer pursuant to Section 5.03(a) of this Agreement, with such additions, deletions and modifications as agreed to by the Master Servicer, the Securities Administrator and the Servicer.

  • Settlement Report a report summarizing Revolver Loans and participations in LC Obligations outstanding as of a given settlement date, allocated to Lenders on a Pro Rata basis in accordance with their Revolver Commitments.

  • E-Statement means an electronic version of daily confirms, monthly, quarterly or annual statements, and shareholder tax statements created with investor transaction data housed on DST’s TA2000® mutual fund record keeping system, with images available online via a secure web site.

  • Collection Report means the monthly report prepared by the Primary Servicer setting forth, with respect to each Mortgage Loan and the most recently ended Collection Period prior to the due date of such report, the information described on Exhibit G attached hereto.