Date of Determination definition

Date of Determination means the date as of which a benefit is to be calculated under the Plan, as specified in each relevant Section, and being one of:
Date of Determination means the last day of any fiscal quarter of the Borrower, starting with the last day of the first full fiscal quarter of the Borrower following the Closing Date.
Date of Determination means, with respect to the Exercise Price of a Warrant (i) in connection with a Redemption of such Warrant or an exercise of such Warrant in lieu of Redemption pursuant to Section 3.3, the end of the Business Day preceding the Remarketing Date, and (ii) otherwise, the date of exercise or, in the case of a determination of the Warrant Value pursuant to Section 4.2(b), the date of redemption of such Warrant.

Examples of Date of Determination in a sentence

  • Date of determination of the right holders of the type of shares traded on the stock exchange.

  • Date of determination will be within 14 days from the last date of attendance from students with five (5) consecutive unexcused absences, or the date the student provides an official notice to the school of their intention to withdraw from the school.

  • Date of determination at institutions required to take attendanceInstitutions that are required to take attendance are expected to have a procedure in place for routinely monitoring attendance records to determine in a timely manner when a student withdraws.

  • However, after 14 days, it is expected to have determined whether the student Date of determination that a student has withdrawn34 CFR 668.22(l)(3) Date of determination at an institution required to take attendance34 CFR 668.22(b)(1)DCL GEN-04-03, Revised November 2004 DCL GEN-04-12, November 2004DCL GEN-11-14, July 2011 Excused absences and administrative withdrawal 34 CFR 668.4(e)intends to return to classes or withdraw.

  • Date of determination of rate of duty for clearance through the Customs Computerized System.- Subject to the provisions of section 155A, the rate of duty applicable to any imported or exported goods if cleared through the Customs Computerized System, shall be the rate of duty in force on;- (a) the date of payment of duty;(b) in case the goods are not chargeable to duty, the date on which the goods declaration is filed with Customs 64[.]65[(c) Omitted.

More Definitions of Date of Determination

Date of Determination when used with respect to determining any amount for any period of four consecutive Fiscal Quarters, means (i) the last day of such period, if such amount is being determined for purposes of Section 5.11 or (ii) the day as of which the debt ratio is being determined, if such amount is being determined for purposes of Section 5.09.
Date of Determination means, for purposes of determining the applicable Pricing Level on any Pricing Level Calculation Date, the last day of the most recently ended fiscal quarter.
Date of Determination means the date the Determination was signed by the Executive Director or his or her designee.
Date of Determination means any date of a Notice of Exercise.
Date of Determination means, as applicable, the Conversion Date, the Payment Date or the Maturity Date;
Date of Determination means the applicable date of determination for the specified ratio, amount or percentage.