Meets definition

Meets means that the Applicant explained in a thorough and specific manner how the project meets the criterion and provided thorough evidence, including specific facts, specific examples, reliable figures, or detailed citations to supporting attachments to the application to support the Applicant’s explanation.
Meets means that the vendor’s product provides this functionality as part of the vendor’s indicated price without further fee or modification; please provide clarifying comments as needed
Meets rating for a given domain signifies that a teacher has demonstrated proficiency in a majority of the elements listed in the domain. An unsatisfactory evaluation is one that rates two or more domains as “Does not meet” or a single domain that is rated as “Does not meet” over two consecutive evaluations. Evaluation Domains

Examples of Meets in a sentence

  • Meets scheduled milestones to ensure project/ program objectives are met in a timely manner and has an in-depth knowledge of the principles, theories, practices and techniques for managing the activities related to planning, managing and implementing systems analysis and applications development projects and programs.

  • Compliance Rating: ☐ Meets Standard ☐ Violates Standard ☐ Not Applicable Method of Assessment: Click or tap here to enter text.

  • Meets the acceptance criteria applicable to that deliverable, including any State policies, functional or non-functional requirements, or industry standards.

  • Change Notes: Rating Improved.From ‘Does Not Meet Advisory Ideal’ to ‘Partially Meets Advisory Ideal’.

  • Meets standard The school complies with and presents no concerns in the sub- indicators below.

  • The trading window is closed during the time of declaration of results, dividend and material events from time to time pursuant to listing provisions.

  • Change Notes: Rating Changed.From ‘Meets Advisory Ideal’ to ‘Partially Meets Advisory Ideal’.

  • Change Notes: Rating Improved.From ‘Partially Meets Advisory Ideal’ to ‘Meets Advisory Ideal’.

  • Meets standard The school complies with and presents no concerns in the sub-indicators below.

  • Meets Michigan Department of Education definition of fiscally reasonable expenditure.

More Definitions of Meets

Meets shall equal “3,” “Exceeds” shall equal “4,” and “Exceptional” shall equal “5” for purposes of averaging the three (3) most recent Performance Management exercises.
Meets means equal to or less than and ‘fails’ means above the following chlorophyll a
Meets means that you are able to apply your knowledge about the standard to your teaching.
Meets meaning the Offeror’s technical proposal meets requirements and indicates an adequate approach and understanding of the requirement; “Does Not Meet” meaning the technical proposal does not meet requirements. Price: Price will be evaluated utilizing one or more of the Price Analysis techniques, as defined in FAR 15.404, in order to determine if the Fair Opportunity Proposal is reasonable. For a price to be reasonable, it must represent a price that a prudent person would pay in the conduct of competitive business.
Meets means either full compliance with the standards, or that ‘all practicable steps’ have been taken (i.e. that an approved Public Health Management Plan is in place). Refer to Section 69V of the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007.
Meets rating (or its equivalent) – three (3%) increase

Related to Meets

  • Eligibility Criteria means the legal criteria as specified in the Clause 5 of this E- Auction Process Information Document;

  • Standards means the British or international standards, Authority's internal policies and procedures, Government codes of practice and guidance referred to in Framework Schedule 13 (Standards) together with any other specified policies or procedures identified in Framework Schedule 13 (Standards);

  • Elderly person means a person 60 years of age or